The Sunday Wham! Competition

This Sunday’s Wham! Competition might a bit too easy. So you’ll have to be quick off the mark if you want to scoop the special prize.

Watch the video for Bad Boys,

and then answer the question below.

Why does this song and the accompanying video almost never feature on Wham! greatest hits compilation albums and DVDs?

The prize will go to the most complete answer.

(And the winner is… Ann!  Congratulations! If you don’t want to see the answer, be sure to think of your own answer before looking at the comments section. )

22 thoughts on “The Sunday Wham! Competition

  1. I cannot watch the video because I am using Internet when i have my break at work, I like the song a lot, some might think that it isn’t one of his best but, I like the song.

  2. Could it have to do with breaking the Innervision contract? Perhaps they own the rights and won’t allow it?

    Or because George hated the song, calling it “an albatross” around his neck?

  3. Perhaps George hated the song because it’s about these “bad boys” were stereotypical male bullies, of which George, a pudgy little guy, was a victim of their bullying growing up. It probably doesn’t sit very well with his sexual identity, either.

  4. I think it has something to do with the fact that he did regret he made it because of his mum and dad, especially his mum. He felt ashamed about poking fun at her/them.

  5. As a US citizen,I’ve never seen this video — fascinating! But I’ve read that George was embarassed over what the lyrics projected, especially in the Margaret Thatcher era. I believe he also did not want to portray the relationship he had with his parents, as well as the relationship Andrew had with his parents, in this light at all. Both were living at home, the parents were all, at this point, supportive of their efforts. The song was entirely commercial, what the public wanted to see at the time, it worked, and they weren’t going in that direction enough. In the end, it was absolutely hypocritical.

  6. Sorry Yopa and Anne, not the answers I’m looking for (although Ann was getting close at one point in her answer).

    The answer I’m looking for is more to do with song-writing, than anything else…

  7. ” I used the song as a vehicle, just like Bad Boys in WHAM!” he said, about I want your sex.

  8. OK, Remarkable, I don’t know enough to win this week! But I believe the hint you referred to has do do with the social, economic climate in the Thatcher era at the time. Although, when you say the answer has to do with song-writing, maybe not. I guess I’ll go back to planning what else to do in London in November . . .

  9. Simply put, GM hates this video and song (it’s weak by his standards). So he’s never wanted it to be seen.

  10. Could it be that the song was misunderstood by the public who didn’t see the irony in it? People took their leather jacket, rebellious image seriously when it was meant to be satire.

  11. I’m guessing now, according to your clues . . .

    Was the creative process not very creative? perhaps there were influences from Innervision to imitate other types of lyrics and music that were current at the time, and George and Andrew bought into it just to get a song on the charts? Was it too “formulaic” — and had influences well beyond George and Andrew?

  12. Good guessing, Ann! I think I must declare you the winner!

    As I understand it, it was like this…

    If you look at Wham!’s musical history, you will see that Wham!’s first hit record was Young Guns (Go For It), and their second hit record was Wham! Rap.

    But actually, Wham! Rap was written before Young Guns, and was their first release. It’s just that Wham! Rap wasn’t a hit the first time round – it only did well when re-released after Young Guns. So, Young Guns was written second.

    So, when George was thinking of Bad Boys, in his mind, his aim was to write a a follow-up to Young Guns. Uncertain of what to do, he resorted to writing “to formula”. It’s the one and only time he’s written a song in a formulaic way like that – and that is the reason he doesn’t like it.

  13. Interesting! and you’re far too generous with your prizes!

    It’s raining in Boston so this was an interesting Sunday morning.

  14. …and also…george has said in his own words that ” he cannot relate to this song because of the lyrics goung against his own thought process at that point in time”

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