Do Some Of George Michael’s Fans Take Things Too Far?

Do Some Of George Michael’s Fans Take Things Too Far? This is the question inquiring minds are asking today.   In particular, I’m talking about fans that hang around outside his house.

Obviously, if you’re intent on meeting George Michael, a good tactic might seem to be to find out where he lives, and go and stand at the front gate, until he has to leave the house e.g. to go to the Studio, to go to a meeting etc.   And, if you’re intent on meeting George a *lot*, then the natural thing might seem to be to hang around his house a lot.

I wonder if the people that do that have ever wondered how this might make George feel?  Now, I’m not  presuming to know what George thinks about this.  I’m just asking the question.   Is going to visit George at his home taking things too far?

What do you think George might think when he is told that one of his fans is standing outside the house?  Do you think it depends on the fan e.g. “Oh no, not her.  I’m not going out until she’s gone.” for some, versus “Quick, go and tell her I’ll be out in a minute.” for others?

How would you feel if you were in George’s shoes?

8 thoughts on “Do Some Of George Michael’s Fans Take Things Too Far?

  1. First of all, what’s George’s shoesize?😉

    Seriously, I think (or rather, I hope!)that after 25 years in the star people business, George has created some selfdefenses around those things, and depending on the day, he may take it well, or not…

    Personnaly I think that those are quite “normal” things in a Star daily-routine… wich is not the same as saying that I agree, ok? So calm down and point down your guns, please. In fact, I can quite understand the desire to see your icon, your idol, your God… :)If I ever go to London I’ll surely PASS BY his door (If I knew where it was), but I won’t stand there for more than what it takes to take 2 or three pics. By the way you speak it seems that it’s too easy to find or go there… is it really tahat easy? I’ve always imagined a big house surrounded with big walls and security and dogs…🙂

    To spend the whole day standing by the foot of someone’s door isn’t really an healthy behaviour… unless that person owes you money…😉 It is believed that people who do that have some psychotic personality trace at least, wich can be dangerous to the targeted person. Remember John Lennon?

    I had a case of an ex-boyfriend who stood by my door for almost 3 months, every single day, after we broke, and it began getting on my nerves, so I can quite understand if George wouldn’t like it…

    But as long as he thinks “Ok, they are fans, they like me, they just wanna see me, I probably would give the time of their lives if I’d say Hello to them or sign a photo or whatever… it’s not that difficult, after all, they pay my rent and my new sportscar, and all I have to do is smile and wave…” he’ll take it easy. But if he’s on a “NO day” he’ll be defensive and won’t like it, will take it as a threat, an invasion… we all have days like that…

    Probabbly he’ll find it more annoying the paparazzis than his fans… It’s all in “Star People”… how much is enough…

  2. I don’t see much harm in popping by on the off chance but to be there regularly, that’s a no-no. I’m pretty sure that George can recall who are the regulars and can learn to avoid, lol.

  3. I don’t think there are that many people that hang around a lot. However, that obviously doesn’t count the fans that have decided to live in his gardens, or under the floor boards of his houses.

    Also, I’m quite sure George doesn’t mind very occasional visits from people, as long as they’re polite and don’t intrude. I mean – I’m pretty sure George would even *like* to see some of his fans😉 Like, Moog, if you went and introduced yourself, I’d be willing to bet he would be happy(ish) to see you.

    One thing people sometimes forget, though, when looking to make a connection with a famous person, is that while they’re only looking to take five minutes of their time, if there are more than a few people doing that, it all adds up. It doesn’t take much, before all you’re ever doing is signing autographs for people and taking photos etc. etc.

    It’s all about respect really, and not taking advantage of people’s kindness.

  4. Yeah, George is dying to meet the Moog, LOL! If only to make himself feel tall, cos I’m an Oompah Loompah!

  5. I’m not saying that the next time I am in London (and there will be a next time), I wouldn’t want to drive by his house or perhaps spend some time near the studio hoping that he might appear, BUT I refuse to camp out anyplace. I think George is intuitive enough to know who is a nut and who isn’t.

    Clearly fans have gone overboard. Not least of all the chick that “pleasure” herself in his gardens and camped out under his house. I don’t recall if these were two different people or the same person. And wasn’t there some chick who got a hold of his email address and started sending him some bizarre messages. WELL…

    I think if a sane person happened to be outside his record studio and said hello and chatted iwth him for a bit, he would be just fine with it. But hanging out in front of his house with any regularity is just putting a nail in your own coffin. He’s clearly going to think your nuts and stay away from you.

    I’m a New Yorker and see celebs pretty requently. Some I’ve been big fans of and would have absolutely adored speaking to, but haven’t because the circumstances weren’t right. I won’t go up to someone in a restaurant, I won’t go up to someone if they are in the mist of a conversation or clearly not up for a chat. Same goes for George. If I saw him and didn’t think he was up for a chat, then I wouldn’t do a thing. Just enjoy the view.

    But to answer your question. I think lots of fans go way overboard.. at least by my standards.

  6. @Moog – I bet would be at least a little bit pleased to see you.

    @Evelyn – I think it’s all the same person that was living under the floorboards, and masturbating in his back garden, and breaking into the houses etc. Obviously, that woman isn’t 100% well. But there may be others out there that are as yet undiscovered.

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