Shocking News! George Michael & Robbie Williams Are Living Together

Well, this news had to leak eventually.  You can’t keep a thing like this secret forever. After years of rumours about their troubled relationships, it has now been revealed that singers George Michael and Robbie Williams have decided to live together.  The couple will share a mulitimillion dollar penthouse apartment overlooking London’s upmarket Chelsea Harbour.

The full story is in Metro.  Actually the article is about Grace Jones doing damage to her flat (she is in the same building).  However, the report accidently reveals the information about George and Robbie.   This is how the news slipped out…

The ‘wilful’ damage is said to be done to her former £1.5million Chelsea Harbour home.

Jones ended her tenancy on the two-bed property in February of this year.

Jones’s solictors cannot track her down

The complex is also home to Robbie Williams and George Michael.

Of course, when I said “Shocking News” in the title, I should really have said, “Shockingly Bad Reporting”.  How can people get this stuff so wrong…?

11 thoughts on “Shocking News! George Michael & Robbie Williams Are Living Together

  1. Well…you can’t expect the little loves to actually do any RESEARCH for their stories, can you? That would require…well…work! Why do that when you can just sit in a trendy wine bar somewhere, running up your expense account, interviewing a ‘source’ (in this case, probably a cleaning lady who worked there for a night, once).

    On the same story… Grace Jones’ solicitors can’t find her? They should hire some paparazzi…they’d track her down in hours!!

  2. I think it only means that Robbie and GM own apartments in that building…not that they live together..but I could be wrong of course.

  3. Perhaps this might give you an idea for another contest, Remarkable, as we count down towards release of CD’s and DVD’s, the English countryside, trucks arriving in Barcelona, rehearsals, and eventually George arriving in Barcelona!

  4. I used to dislike Robbie until recently. His recent single made me change my mind. He does irony better than most.

  5. Oh my God…. I’m starting to feel pity for Kenny… besides George, Kenny is the one who has been taking this kind of things day after day… but I agree with Monte, it probably means that each one owns an ap there… a matter of (tricky) English, wouldn’t you say?

  6. Remarkable, I don’t know who you are, what you do for aliving, where you’re from… nothing, I know nothing about you except this blog. HOW DO YOU KNOW WHAT GEORGE OWNS OR NOT?

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