The Calm Before The Storm…

It’s all quiet on the George Michael front. In London, Highgate Village is silent, except for the sound of rhythmic, gentle snoring floating from an upstairs window of the Michael & Goss residence. Across the pond in Dallas, Texas it’s the same story. Not a sound to be heard, except for the “tap tap tapping” of a builder’s hammer in Highland Park in Dallas.

But dear reader, don’t be fooled. If you know where to look, it’s clear. There’s a storm brewing. CD burners being brought to life, churning out CDs by the tens of thousand. Crates of vodka being packed, for making martinis by the score. More than fifty trucks being loaded with heavy equipment, in readiness for a long journey. They’ll soon be heading South. And when they do, the roar of the tyres won’t be the only noise breaking through the curtains in every home in every sleepy town and village they pass through.

Are you ready?

69 thoughts on “The Calm Before The Storm…

  1. I am in talks to be a support act for George on his US tour early next year – well for the show in Los Angeles, at least.

    So, what I would recommend is booking a flight to LA if you can. I will try to do an autograph-signing session with George before the show.

  2. My LA concert won’t be aired on TV – that is only for those that go to see the show (it’s nice to have something special and exclusive for the true Remarkable fans, I think).

    However, George will be releasing a DVD from the tour – his first ever live DVD. And that will be shown on TV at some point, I think.

  3. RE, i like your style in the last weeks a lot. BTW. thanks i am gonna buy for sure the DVD if its true. Maybe another “boner” to see there…:biggrin:

  4. This is a bit off-topic but I need to share…don’t you just hate bugs? There’s this bug that’s been residing in my house for the last few days. It’s summertime, it’s the countryside(well, almost), I got all the windows open…you ‘re supposed to tolerate that sort of stuff…Most of the time, they pay me a visit for half a day or so and then see themselves out…But now I ‘m a bit annoyed…It seems this particular one(don’t ask me what it is, I have no idea) enjoys cruising in my living room a tad too much! Been trying to locate it for some time now but no luck so far…

  5. By the way…isn’t it funny how some of us are interacting after all this time in spite of everything(lol)? I find it quite amusing…I just feel a sense of familiarity with some of you…(even tho I ‘m not a proper member of the GM community, lest we forget!).

    It’s like we know each other quite well on one level but then not at all on other…for example, I have no idea what kind of pyjamas Remarkable prefers, absolutely no idea…

  6. Amazone says:”My windows are always open nothing but nothing happens”


    I think we were both born in the wrong era.

    Amazone says: ”and I m happy and sad”

    I feel like that too tonight…weird vibe in the air…

  7. I wish there was an edit feature for my comments. I typed ”nothing” twice in Amazone’s quote by mistake. Maybe Remarkable can rectify.

  8. Back to your original question — Yes, I am ready, in fact, anxious for the tour to begin and to be able to read what everyone has to say about the first concerts (since I won’t be seeing one until late November).

    I also love your style, Remarkable! Perhaps word will get around that George is performing in the States and he will then feel compelled to do so. You may have started something . . .

    In the meantime, I will be content to await another contest to pass the time.

  9. @ Melissa: I agree with you, we need an EDIT feature, as well as a QUOTE one etc. In fact, I think that, given the recent boom of this remarkable blog, Remarkable should seriously consider opening his own George Michael Remarkable Forums.

    Imagine the possibilities: Melissa could start a thread called: Bugs Through My Window… And everyone else would be given the opportunity to join in with positive posts about the whole countryside bugs issue. I think that would be awesome!

  10. MissFreeek says: ”Remarkable should open his own George Michael Forums”

    Absolutely, the world is eagerly awaiting for the Official Remarkable Forums. I don’t agree with the ”George Michael” prefix tho. We need something more original than that.

    Miss Freeek says: ”Melissa could start a thread called: Bugs Through My Window…”

    Talking in code has always been one of my favorite pastimes. Not to mention the world of bugs is still uncharted territory, I ‘m attracted to the mysterious & the unknown.

  11. Sorry to say, there will be no official Remarkable forums. It’s worth saying, though, that there are official George Michael forums available to everyone. Fans of Remarkable could always petition George’s Management Company, Lippman Entertainment, to see if they will create a “Remarkable” section in the forums…

  12. Remarkable says: ”Sorry to say, there will be no official Remarkable forums.”

    Another gift from Tiffany’s?

  13. Maybe I could petition you for a ”Melissa section” on this blog…where anything goes except George.

  14. I was just looking at some pics of the Taj Mahal online…There are just no words for it…or the love that inspired it…

    I need a magic carpet now.

  15. I dont think anyone should encourage remarkable, he deff has some issues.

    Sounds a bit bipolar.

    Inflated self-esteem or grandiosity comes to mind.

    Come to think of..i think most people on here need some help.

  16. I kinda think sometimes all people have no life which are here or on the forums too, including me. And thats the truth.

  17. OK, Amazone, suppose you could have the life you imagine would make you happy…what would that be?

  18. i came to the conclusion after being now only 4 years in gm community here and there, maybe i am wrong but i think most of the fans are somehow inhibeted.

  19. @Melissa: I would leave for long time a country and decide what to do. I would open a shop and live a normal life not being a gm space zombie.

  20. There must be a reason you don’t have that money…some lesson…if you discover what it is, you may be able to create this cash flow you want…

  21. Yes, I think there are a few ”closed” people around. But again, there must be a reason they are like that…so instead of feeling upset about it, you just hang out with more ”open” people. You can’t open someone up unless that’s what they really want.

    Thanks for the invitation. I ‘m not sure how it works tho. I clicked on your name and it took me to an empty page…so if I want to post something, where does it show up?

  22. @Amazone

    What kind of shop do you want to open, do you have any idea?

    There is this woman I know…One day, in her late thirties I think, she gave up everything and went to Crete…She had very little money but somehow she managed to buy this place that she turned into a shop and kept some space for a studio(she does pottery and carves stones and other similar stuff, not sure what it’s called). She just followed her heart and it paid off. If you ever go to Chania, Crete, you have to stop by at her shop. Her name is Caterina and seriously, she’s a very inspired woman. Hugely talented.

  23. OK. Nice to meet you. I think it would be wiser to let others more talk now, of course if the have something to say…😉 But i guess, they dont know whats life…..

  24. @Amazone

    You know, about ”closed” people and stuff, some times we all behave that way. I know I do, esp in real life.


    Everybody has issues. As for Remarkable, he has some admirable qualities- did you notice those?


    I preferred the previous tagline, I hope you change it back.

  25. @ Melissa and Amazone: nothing personal girls, your little tete-a-tete is sweet but… somehow the expression “Get A Room” springs to mind!

  26. @MissFreeek

    You are right. I ‘ll make sure to conduct my personal correspondance with Amazone in a different setting from now on.

    As for the uncharacteristic frequency of my visits here lately, it’s got a lot to do with this dilemma I ‘m in in my personal life. It causes me a lot of stress which I ‘ve been trying to deal with partly by posting here a tad too often. That was clearly a mistake.

    It was never my intention to invade Remarkable’s territory.

  27. Amazone, what do you think of all those Wham & GM competitions? What is the *real reason* Remarkable does them for?

  28. Amazone says: ”And maybe to test some intelligence…”

    Counterintelligence is more like it.

  29. The subconscious is a funny thing…I had a dream about Miss Freeek a few months ago…She was talking to me about her dad…Didn’t think much of it then. For some reason, it came back to me a couple of days ago…

    I wonder what Miss Freeek symbolizes for me……or rather my subconscious…

  30. @Remarkable said: “I am trying to do a signing session with George before the show.”

    Do you think i am crazy, and would pay and fly so far only for an autograph?

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