George Michael In Rehearsals For Tour!

Yes, it’s true! The rehearsals have started for the new George Michael Tour – 25 Live! With a little over a month to go until the first show, George and his team are close to having a final version of the spectacular $30M stage set; and also to working out which songs George and his band will be performing on the tour.

The band are learning the songs, all the way from Wham! right up to the songs on the new album, as I write. Getting the sax line for Careless Whisper to George’s liking is, no doubt, proving problematic. I can almost hear George now… “If you can’t do it, don’t fucking bother!”

Well.. when I say, “it’s true”… what I really mean is – I’d have thought they’d  have started rehearsals now, wouldn’t you?

4 thoughts on “George Michael In Rehearsals For Tour!

  1. Well, yes . I had a thought like that too, just a couple of days ago…. I guess it’s rised from a truly fan care and concern. Hope this time, if that really happen, would not ever exist some “new shame” event or something like that to disturb such sensitive moments……

  2. Actually I have been thinking the same thing. Since it’s been very quiet, except for the nightly Jay Leno humorous reference to George (it’s been almost every night, even after Mel Gibson made the news), I’ve assumed George has been methodically preparing for the tour, just as you described, laying low, working hard, getting in the best shape mentally and physically he can be!

    Yesterday, I was in a bookstore in a Boston suburb, and I checked the CD section. Usually there are a few copies of Patience, Ladies and Gentleman, and sometimes a copy of Faith in the budget bin — how very sad! But this time, no GM CD’s at all, not even a name tag under which one could file them! Another case for the sad state of American music.

    I can’t wait to read reviews of the first concerts and of the CD, not that I expect to read anything in the US! Thank god for the internet and your blog.

    My other thought is that he wins really big on everyone he is suing (if he still is) and gives all the money to charity!

  3. Charity would be an excellent idea. Maybe to some Gay/Lesbian Youth organization. I’m sure he’s got a list.

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