Some Funny Search Terms…

Quite a few visitors find this blog from the results they do in popular search engines like Google, MSN and Yahoo! Mostly, the searches are something like:

an easier affair chart position
an easier affair lyrics
richard judy george michael
heal the pain mccartney
remarkable`s buzzin blog
Remarkable George michael blog
George Michael 25 CD

However, occasionally, there are some funny ones that creep through. It’s quite surprising what some people are searching for on the Net. Here’s a few that amused me…

finsbury cock
remarkable sex
“bernard manning” early photos
women caught having sex on cctv
george michaels public sex photos
george michael girlfriends

and my all-time favourite search…

pictures of george michaels cock

I can only apologise to those of you that have come here looking for the above! I hope you weren’t too disappointed😉

32 thoughts on “Some Funny Search Terms…

  1. LOL@ ”actual cock”

    One day I ‘ll have to thank you for your service. In the last couple of weeks, your blog’s been an excellent antidote to my existential boredom. The perfect distraction.

  2. I guess you’ve missed the Tonight Show with Jay Leno where he made a joke out of the “park accident”… Leno was saying that Boy George had been convicted to pick up trash in parks and wrnt on… “Well, this has nothing to do with George Michael, cause he picks trash in parks but for amusement only!” …🙂

  3. Well Eva!
    Way back on Aegean forums, Embla started talking about how much she enjoyed watching “Star People” on MTV unplugged……… suddenly we all liked this performance, – seems that George is very happy…….

  4. The STAR PEOPLE performance was amazing wasn’t it? He was so “on” and people were clapping before it was even over. I love that performance … Even more than his SOMEBODY TO LOVE performance at the Freddie Mercury Tribuate Concert.

  5. ERMMMMMM…. yes Yogchick, but I don’t think the reason they were clapping, is the same as the reason we love this special performance for. LOL

  6. OK – seeing as Yopa appears to be unavailable, I put Yogchick out of her misery.

    Yopa likes this performance because, as seems to be usual, George was enjoying himself so much that he got a err… boner!

  7. Noooo… are you for real? I’ve watched the DVD so many times and never noticed it. You guys are pulling my leg!

  8. and the suit was so tight that you can see of them exactly the left one and the right one. I can remember that exactly. Dont have to watch it right now again.

  9. OK Eva! Just don’t look at his face………. look at his right thigh…………….. and as you can see he’s quite happy😉
    I swear, Embla started this, but we didn’t mind at all…….

    OK remarkable?

  10. LOL! Yopa, where does this “happy” phrase from?! LOL! That’s what caused Yogchick all the confusion in the first place! The word George uses for this is, “boner”! He was simply exhibiting the boner he has for his life. And, nothing’s going to kill it…

  11. But, um, so you can see SOMETHING in the Star People Live performance? I’ll have to go play it again. I’m so confused …

  12. ENJOY Yogchick, – enjoy😀

    Sorry remarkable, but that’s the word we used on Aegean…. guess we didn’t want to cause toooooo much attention then😉
    (and I didn’t know the word “boner” at that time – my son just told me the other day😉

  13. Oh my god, I have to go and rewatch the whole thing again! I’m away from my home at the moment but tonight, I’m going to do some, uhm, studying.

  14. Maybe I have the “sanitized” American version of the DVD because I’m not seeing it. Well, sort of, once … but it could have been a crease in the silk trousers. Oh bother.

  15. Wow @ boner. I can’t but agree with Moog! Awwww – I feel like a sad case for not always checking out the status of George’s “happiness” in his video performances!

    Won’t make that mistake again😉

  16. Somebody must have misinformed Remarkable about the ways of the Court. He seems to expect to retain his position as Jester to the Throne just by breathing.

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