George Michael: If it wasn’t for Kenny, I’d still be having sex with women

Yes, George Michael really has said that if Kenny hadn’t banned him from having sex with women, he’d still be enjoying the pleasures of the female flesh. There are many, many things that could be read into this statement.

For example, that George Michael isn’t gay, but is bisexual. Or that George Michael would like people to believe he isn’t gay, but is instead bisexual. Or that George Michael wishes he wasn’t gay. Or that Kenny believes George would leave him for a woman, if he met the right woman. Or that George believes he would leave Kenny for the right woman.

Perception is everything here. What do you think?

44 thoughts on “George Michael: If it wasn’t for Kenny, I’d still be having sex with women

  1. I think George is probably bi. Obviously I don’t know how true all the rumours were in the 80’s, but apparently, he sh*gged loads of women during the Wham! days. Now, I don’t pretend to know much about gay men, but I thought a 100 percent gay man can’t…er..perform…with a woman…IT just doesn’t work. From what I’ve read…George’s worked perfectly well!🙂

  2. If a man says he is bisexual,he is most likely gay. If a woman says she is bisexual,she is probably,in fact, straight.There are very few truly bisexual people. It’s really about who you can become emotionally attached to, not who you can have sex with.

  3. You could think (if you were cynical) that George said it to ensure he doesnt alienate his female fans? A little teaser to keep them hanging?

    Personally, I don’t think Kenny could stop George from sleeping with women, if that’s what he truly wanted. They have an open relationship. Wasn’t there a quote (apparently) where George says he’s emotionally faithful and that’s what matters.

  4. I agree with AA. Also, I know loads of gay men who, when they were much younger and not ready to come out, had girlfriends and yes, they had intercourse.

  5. The truth is i have never believed in a man who said it was “straight” in his begining life and suddenly in one point in his life he “became” after a night a “gay man” as he thinks “he ever was, “…….

    So the point is i have never trust in this “posture” of being “gay” for suddenly moment…….. only if u have dealed with strange pleasures like those bullshit “joints” that made his life so miserable for years ….. and secondly, our lives.

    How could be a man who was straight at his beginings ( he swore it ! )…….. and he swore even that the persons he dreamed when he get masturbated – all was women !!! So, what we do know for the very and precisely truth is that his “libido” is his natural-born state is very “women orientated” in his sexual nature, once he proclaimed those delicate pleasures above. And how a man like that can be after some night, a “truly gay man” ???

  6. And i have never believed in such “became” a gay man. Let’s remember how strange sounds something like “became” in a sexual matter, or “i have to CHOOSE whether to be gay or bisexual” ( in his Different Story ) …. do you all realise how odd sounds this “choose”…… if his sexual taste is a matter of CHOOSE !!! … all i trying to say is that that implies in those moments he was FREE at his choise. So, free whether to sleep with men or with women and men.

  7. So , if it was a matter of “choose”, how can he present himself being a genuine “gay man”…… only if you had strange and weird experiences like those bullshit “joints”, or some (who knows ?) painfull emotional experiences before with ( maybe Pat Fernandez does know more much of this…. LOL ! – sorry George, I had to say it !) so, remember, that that he blamed,….. and now I can say : “those women who will never allow me to meet other people, what am I gonna do ? now, I have to CHOOSE to “gay” !!! LOL !)

    So , big George , now wake up from your wander and humble nightmare and be a man in itself !

  8. George Michael has been relapsing with everything lately so I think he is due for a bisexual relapse any minute now! Ah, but it’s just wishful thinking… Image-wise, I think he’s sexier as a bisexual than as a gay man, IMHO.

  9. above , i was trying to say (but doesn’t worked on the blog) : let’s remember that – “straight opera” that he blamed, and now we can say for him : “those women who will never allow me to meet other people, what am I gonna do ? now, I have to CHOOSE to ‘became’ a “gay” !!! LOL !)

  10. I think what he said on Parky years ago is right… “Its not who you can get it up for, its who you can get it up for AND LOVE.”

  11. Some truly links to Pat Fernandez : A Different Corner & One More Try ! listen and listen it ! he once confessed in an interview, i do not know it, i do not remember what interview was and when it was ( i guess in ’88-’89) but believe me, it’s true ! …. that is the reference on “i wrote a song, just let me go !”….. he is refering to “a different corner”…

  12. What Evelyn said. Didn’t George say that he’s never been in love with a woman? That would make me think he’s gay, but enjoys all different kinds of sex.

  13. Empty Charms says: “How could be a man who was straight at his beginings ( he swore it ! )…….. and he swore even that the persons he dreamed when he get masturbated – all was women !!! So, what we do know for the very and precisely truth is that his “libido” is his natural-born state is very “women orientated” in his sexual nature, once he proclaimed those delicate pleasures above. And how a man like that can be after some night, a “truly gay man” ???”

    Denial maybe? Most straight men will tell you that if you’re a man having sex with another man, you’re gay. I have a friend who was married for 10 years when his 33 year old wife all of a sudden declared that she’s a lesbian. They are now divorced, and she’s living with her girlfriend.

  14. Oh, please! Swearing that something is true doesn’t exactly mean that it’s indeed true. He could’ve had his fingers crossed behind his back!

  15. But I’ve known straight guys with “gay hands” — sometimes it happens but it’s rare. IMO, George is gay through and through. Sure,he can get it up for women (most gay men can and have when they were younger), but that don’t mean a thing. Still, I wish he’d have a retrosexual moment just for old times sake. I doubt he misses it though!

  16. Julie Says: What Evelyn said. Didn’t George say that he’s never been in love with a woman? That would make me think he’s gay, but enjoys all different kinds of sex.

    Yep, that’s what George said and as a member of the gay community myself, I have slept with men and clearly find men attractive (GM very much included)! BUT… that doesn’t mean I have any interest in being in a relationship with a guy. Nor do I particularly have great memories of straight sex. So I do understand George when he talks about having slept with lots of women and still finding them attractive but not necessarily wanting a relationship with one. You can be gay without finding the opposite sex to be hideous.

  17. Interesting points. I think the “it’s not who you can get it up for, it’s who you can fall in love with” point is quite interesting. Women seem to buy this, but I suspect it’s a lie.

    I think most men, if they are being honest, would say that sexuality is about who you want to have sex with… who you lust after… who gives you a hard on etc. It’s the involuntary “would I fuck this person?” reaction that all men have whenever they see members of the particular sex(es) they want to fuck.
    Some gay men say, “a hole is a hole” and that’s why they are able to “get it up” for women. It just doesn’t ring true – I can tell you that straight men would not get aroused by any “hole” on a man.  So, it’s not about finding the sex you don’t want to fuck hideous. It’s more that you can’t look at them in any kind of sexual way at all.

    So, I think what all this must mean is that there are many more bi-sexual people (men?) around than is believed. For whatever reasons, and I guess they’re cultural, men who like to have sex with both men and women don’t seem able to admit it publically.

  18. RE: Remarkable

    Bisexuals are kind of the black sheep in the GLBT community … at least in the U.S. It’s not about being able to admit it. It’s that so many gay men refer to themselves as bisexual before they’re reading to really come out (sound like anyone we know?) so that the label “bisexual” tends to be met with doubt. I suspect that there are far fewer bisexuals than, say, gays or lesbians or even transgendered people. I just haven’t met any and my gay friends have not either. Being bisexual is often a phase one goes through in college and the early 20s.

    But I do suspect some gay men do on occasion have sex with women because they can get it up and out pretty easily. Especially narcissistic ones — anyone who’s sucking their cock and making them feel important is hot to them at least to some extent. Like I said, almost all of my gay friends have lost their virginity heterosexually.

    I’m sure 2Funky has a lot to say about this!

  19. Personally, I wouldn’t want to have sex with someone who says he’s bisexual. I’m one of those people who doesn’t have sex casually, so there would be more at stake for me. I figure there would come a time when he’d be craving the cock, and I wouldn’t be able to give it to him. Plus, the thought would arise (while having sex)that his schlong has been up some dude’s ass. Mmmmmmm…..tasty!

  20. It’s always the same, everytime I want to leave, something happens to delay my departure or bring me back. OK, I guess it ain’t over till it’s over.

    When I ‘m feeling negative and cynical about George, I think he enjoys all the attention from females, all the controversy about his sexuality etc. I ‘m sure it’s true up to a point.

    But then when I feel calmer, I can see another side to George that very much defines him as a person: a man with many inner conflicts. I can empathise with that cause I have my own conflicts to resolve, one of which happens to be about him.

    Remarkable made some interesting points in this entry. I tend to think his attraction to the same sex is an ego defense mostly. But then there was Anselmo, what am I to make of him? I don’t know…I do feel they had a special bond but was it sexual? Cause when I look at the pictures I am not sure. I pick up mostly a spiritual/emotional bond. If I ‘m wrong, I ‘d love to know…If George was reading this, he might have felt I ‘m analysing him to piss him off or something. Well, not so. If I ‘m sticking around after all this time and if I take the time to understand what is going on inside of him, it’s because a) that will help me understand myself better and all my feelings for him and b) if I can help him in any way, that would make me happy. But no, I ‘m not claiming I love him…I said those words a couple of times and he seems to have taken it the wrong way- at least that’s what the opening lines of his latest single seem to suggest. What I meant was I felt a very strong attraction, an erotic one coupled with a spiritual affinity. It’s not unconditional love, at least not yet.

    Right now, I ‘m not sure if I even feel that erotic thing anymore. I deff don’t feel that sweetness and loveliness that I used to. Mostly I feel weird. And sad.

    At the end of the day, I have not met him properly and that freaks me out! Why am I supposed to know the exact nature of my feelings for someone I ‘ve known from afar? (other lifertimes don’t count).

  21. Interestingly,many gay men have told me that they knew they were gay when they were very very young (before puberty) and have never been with a woman or had the desire to do so.

  22. Gay men don’t have nearly as much anal sex as people think … and straight people do have much more anal sex than otherwise thought. In other words, gay anal sex isn’t the automatic norm with many gay men. Some/many don’t go there at all.

  23. Yes, this is true, Yogchick. But if I KNEW that a guy went there, it wouldn’t be much of a turn-on for me.🙂

  24. I don’t know why, but somehow I have a feeling GM doesn’t go there. He seems like a very “oral” person to me. A lot my gay friends are, they don’t do anal at all or hardly at all. You know, there ARE other things men can do with each other!

  25. THis doesn’t make sense. Why would Kenny ban GM from having sex with women? If anything, I would think he’d be more jealous of the men than the women (more potential to fall in love). Anyway, I think GM was just goofing when he said that, winking at the ladies who make a big part of his fan base.

  26. Mr Remarkable, can you please tell to Mellisa in an e-mail or else – my email address and to ask her if she want to talk to me on that email address that i hope you will give to her ! U can even tell her i am one who had some replyes on this issue.

    Thanks so much !

  27. Hi Empty Charms. Sorry, but I can’t get involved in personal matters. I’m sure you and Melissa can find other ways to contact each other.

  28. Hello empty charms. I ‘m not sure what you mean when you say you have replies ”on this issue”. Are you referring to George’s relationship with Anselmo?

    Anyway, good thing I have many email addresses. You could try this one:

  29. At the end of the day, even if I ‘m right about his sexual orientation, he deff is more than just an average straight man- he has too much feminine energy. That turns me off sometimes(esp when he displays all the negative feminine traits) but then on other occasions, it has the opposite effect: it kinda triggers my own masculine energy.

    Ironically, when he allows his masculine energy to flow, he comes across as more manly than most men I know.

    Maybe the best way to describe him is androgynous(with extreme fluctuations in both directions). I feel the same way about myself which probably accounts for part of the attraction.

  30. I always knew that George would become gay if he missed the opportunity to meet me…😉

  31. Oh God…I was just over at PG and saw this thread about George’s new “official calendar”…Ugh…If I ever needed anything to turn me off even more…lol

    I don’t expect my view to be popular on this one.

    P.S: Infact, I should probably thank George for showing me who he really is in the last few months. Thanks but no thanks.

  32. @ Melissa: You know, I agree with you, but the sad part is I’ll probably end up getting it anyway! Just out of curiosity. HOpefully, someone at PG will scan the photos and post them.

  33. Please, Yogchick, explain this to me: why would you-or your curiosity for that matter- be interested in the airbrushed pics of a man who was supposed to be “in it” just for the music?

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