Could There Be A New Wham! Single Coming Out?

Hot on the heels of the recent, exclusive Wham! Competition that was run right here, comes a sign that George Michael may not be content to just sit back and let Remarkable’s Buzzin’ Blog have all the action when it comes to Wham!

Could it be that, just possibly, a new single from Wham! might be coming out, in celebration of George Michael’s twenty five years in the music industry? When I say new, I don’t mean new… I actually mean a new mix… of Club Tropicana?

Who knows? That most reliable source of information – Metro – just published this little snippet in their Green Room section:

Super hunk George Michael is still teasing fans with the plans for his first tour in 15 years. Will Andrew Ridley (sic) come back…? Well, what we do know is that a special 80’s mix of his fantastic track, ‘Club Tropicana’ is been planned with a view to a single too.

I’ve no idea if this is true or not. And aside from that … who the **** is Andrew Ridley?!

Still, a mix of Club Tropicana could be kinda fun. That record has actually stood the test of time remarkably well.

8 thoughts on “Could There Be A New Wham! Single Coming Out?

  1. “Super hunk”?! They’ve changed their tune in the last week or so haven’t they? Aren’t they owned by the same people who run the “Evening Standard”…one of the papers George was talking about sueing?!

  2. I was just thinking about Andrew…He doesn’t have any kids of his own…wonder why that is…

    It’s a shame, he’s got some great genes.

  3. I ‘m sure George wants kids too…but then he’s a kid himself in so many ways. Not to mention the grass…he would need to give it up for good if he ever felt like having any.

  4. He seems to be conflicted(on this issue) because on the one hand, he wants to hold on to his freedom on the other he enjoys having family around him. I can totally relate to that, freedom is very important to me too.

  5. By the way, is it me or is there some strange chemistry going on in the I ‘m Your Man video between George & Andrew..?

    Maybe Andrew should have been a woman…lol

  6. No, the other way around, George should ‘ve been the female…

    Okay, I should stop posting out of boredom.

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