New Wham! Competition – For Superfans

So… are you a Wham! superfan? You are? Excellent! In that case, you might like to have a go at this brand new competition, presented exclusively right here on Remarkable’s Buzzin’ Blog. If there’s a good response to this, George Michael himself might just be persuaded to provide a prize worth one million pounds for the most complete answer. I can’t promise though, it’s up to George to decide if he wants to do that.

Here’s the competition…

Watch the video clip Wham! performing their Number One hit, Freedom, on the UK TV show Top Of The Pops, in 1984 by clicking on the image below (you need to click the image twice to bring up the video in YouTube). Then, answer the following questions in the comments section. What went wrong in this performance? And who might have been upset as a result?

(Update: Congratulations to the joint winners: Yopa and DevilsDelight. Ladies, please contact George directlly to claim your prize. Don’t tell him I sent you though! If you want to have a go at answering the questions, be sure to watch the video before reading the comments section.)

Terms and Conditions

George Michael and Kenny Goss are not eligible to enter. The winner will be decided by Remarkable’s Buzzin’ Blog.

39 thoughts on “New Wham! Competition – For Superfans

  1. George doesn’t have a mic and is obviously lipsynching. Person(s) most upset: Milli Vanilli … or did they yet exist? Otherwise, it’s George the Perfectionist and Shirley who gets dipped by him.

    Question: Why won’t you allow embedding on your blog?

  2. Not the right answer Yogchick. You need to look more closely than that.

    Re: embedding. It’s nothing to do with me. It’s the person that put that video up on YouTube that won’t let people embed the video.

  3. Interesting point Yopa – but not the right answer! And, I’m not quite understanding this whole “Andrew singing” concept😉

    You need to look very *closely* at the video.

  4. Is it that sleeve that George has to keep ‘yanking’ back into place? – Which would upset GM I think.

    Or that they forgot to plug Andrew’s lead in for the guitar? LOL!!!

  5. Andrew walked in front of George while he was singing. You NEVER walk in front of George while he’s singing. As a result, Andrew didn’t get paid that night.

  6. Did George’s hair move too much? They loved their hairspray back in the 80s didn’t they? Solid…. solid as a ….

  7. Lol, Tough one… The Funny thing is that there hasent been any price to the competition presented yet just a (im)possible one. Your sneaky Remarkable😉

    Could it be that George wraps his hands around Shirle?
    And Andrew gets upset cause they used to date?

  8. Good answer Mitch, but unfortunately not correct.

    As for the prize, well let’s just say that, whatever prize Remarkable’s Buzzin’ Blog gives, George will most certainly match.

  9. Errrrr….so George will match your prize of nothing? Thanks for making me crazy. Does it have something to do with Andrew’s guitar, and the fact that when George pretends to play it with him, he uses the wrong hand (since he’s a leftie), and ends up just grabbing onto it?

  10. George’s shoe flies off and hits someone in the audience. That’s it. I’m reclaiming my life now.

  11. Hello Rem! LOL! I know the answer!….and I think if I’m paying a million quid as the prize I should at least be allowed to enter…..

    OK. OK. I can’t enter then…I see a couple of people actually got kind of close (without knowing it!)….

  12. It looks as if George is wearing a brooch on the right side of his chest in the begining, and in the end where he’s grabbing the guitar it must have fallen of or fastened too Andrews back???????

  13. Aha Yopa!!!!!! Well done!!!!!!!!! Yes, the brooch on George’s shirt fell off during the performance, and a girl in the crowd picked it up off the floor. George and Andrew rushed off after the performance, though, so she couldn’t give the brooch back to them.

    Now… the second question is: who might have been upset at this happening?

  14. Could be Andrew, it looked like the brooch from the “Last Christmas video”, and I seem to remember seing it on him on pictures afterwards.

  15. And well done to DevilsDelight! Yep, indeed the brooch George lost wasn’t his. He had “borrowed” it from his sister to wear on the show.

  16. What I want to know is what was George doing wearing a ladies brooch? Or is that just a bloody silly question?!! LOL! 🙂
    I can’t actually view this video, as I’m on dial up, it takes about a month to load. From the picture though, it looks like George is wearing the same shirt as in the Band Aid Video?
    By the way Remarkable…I wonder if you’re being cyber-stalked…like Knobby?🙂

  17. Re: why was George wearing a lady’s brooch?

    LOL! I think it’s related to his desire to wear a curtain ring in each ear😉 George’s explanation is something like: “I was trying desperately to look like I didn’t have a knob!”

    Yes, George is wearing the same shirt as the Band Aid video. Technically, it’s the other way round. That is, that shirt was his special shirt he used to promote Freedom. And he just happened to pick it up off his bedroom floor as he pulled any old clothes on to attend the Band Aid recording.

    As for the cyber-stalking… who *doesn’t* have a cyber-stalker in this day and age?!

  18. God damn it. I need to get me a cyberstalker…. Is this the latest “must have” accessory? :p

  19. Well well done , but a new Competition episode pls ! if you can !…….. if you could Wham, but not necessary with video…… could be Wham or George interesting and funny ( and rarely known ) events…. I’ll wait and count on your inspiration !……. Let us check our fanmuscles …..LOL!

  20. Empty Charms, I will try to think of a new competition in a few days.

    Yopa and DevilsDelight, I do hope George comes through with that prize money he didn’t promise😉 I’d hate to think you would get nothing after all your hard work!

  21. What great fun to read the postings on this contest; your blog is truly enjoyable to read (everyday)! Perhaps a very naive question, but was that really George who posted? If so, I’m pleased to know he’s reading what you write! Thanks for all your work and information.

  22. Hi Ann,

    Thanks for the kind words! As for George posting, nah, I don’t think so. George wouldn’t post here – I shouldn’t think he even knows this place exists!

  23. Thanks for correcting my naivete; however, you might be underestimating your own talents as well as George’s interest in knowing what his fans think. If his handler or “people” are smart (and I’ve read your opinion of some of them and tend to agree), they will be monitoring various places to understand how the recent events have played out with his fans. Since this is by far the most intelligent of all of them, I think it’s very possible that someone is keeping an eye on your blog. Anyway, keep up the good work. You must be a journalist in real life.

    Hope you get to see a concert; I’ll be traveling from Boston to London in November (very fearful George won’t ever come back to the US).

  24. Ann, I’m not sure George chooses his errr… “handlers” because they’re smart, does he? I think the characteristics he likes are “cool, tasty, and a big knob”! Oh, not *those* handlers…

    Anyway, when he’s on-line, I have a feeling that George might prefer to hang out on and . I know Remarkable’s Buzzin’ Blog is buzzin’, but it’s not *that* buzzin’ – I mean, you can’t arrange to meet people for casual sex on here😉 Admittedly, I’ve seen a couple of people *try*, but it’s not going to work! LOL!

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