Has George Michael Brainwashed Remarkable?

Has George Michael brainwashed Remarkable? That was the question asked of me today.  The suggestion was that George has brainwashed me into believing everything he says; and into believing that an untruth has never passed his lips😉

Well, I’m here to say, I haven’t been brainwashed!  And, that I’ve had enough really, and I’m going to have to take legal action against pretty much everyone…  oops..

To be honest, it was actually a reasonable question, especially given that there’s no doubt that, to some extent, George Michael brings the media interest in his sex-life on himself.  However, “interest” really isn’t the same as printing damaging lies; and the fact is, in recent days, the UK media has published a number of 100% guaranteed, certifiable lies that are arguably exceptionally damaing to George Michael’s career.  I’ve simply been calling the papers on this, on my blog.  Given the lies they’ve printed, I do think the onus is actually on the papers to prove that a single word of what they’ve wrttien about George Michael in the last week is true…

13 thoughts on “Has George Michael Brainwashed Remarkable?

  1. It’s all drama! Why is he *always* the victim of someone or something? It gets old after a decade or two.

  2. I knew there was a reason I don’t like his latest single…there are subliminal messages on there…!🙂

  3. I know I’m going to get jumped all over for this so in advance I will say I LOVE GEORGE AND ALWAYS WILL ETCETERA, but as far the recent spate of tabloid fodder goes, I can’t help but feel GM brought this on himself:

    a. BBC: “It’s a personal thing.” Sure, sex is a personal thing, but when you do it in public, it becomes a public thing. Get it? So talking about it (“I’m a suburban cruiser myself” in ATTITUDE) only invites tabloid attention. It’s only too easy to follow you around and catch you at it. Expect it, you’ve been in this game long enough.

    b. RICHARD AND JUDY: “I gave Kenny a $1 million present so I should be able to do something he dislikes.” Don’t be flip at a time like this. That quote was begging to be turned into a story that your relationship is in trouble and you had to pay him off to keep him. THINK ABOUT WHAT YOU SAY.

    Sometimes I think GM likes to taunt the press, practically daring them to come up with something. So of course they do, he gets angry, and sues. It’s this really weird dynamic and it’s getting predictable.

    Finally, ALL celebrities get speculation that their relationships are in trouble whether they are or not. Why should George Michael be the exception … and why is he (and so many of his fans) acting as though this is such an exception? George Michael is just being treated like a celebrity, which means you get lied about all the time. I don’t think the lawsuit will go anywhere because it would set a precedent that will financially hurt the tabloids — and no magistrate wants to touch that. If he’s suing out of principal, fine, but he shouldn’t expect any life-altering judgments. I suspect at best, the perpetrators will get a slap on the wrist. And we’d be rather naive to think otherwise.

  4. Yes, I am that Yogchick who was recently excommunited from the wonderfully democratic George Michael Forums. Why do they even call it a forum?
    — Patty

  5. @ Moog:

    Huh? There may be more than one yogchick, is that what you mean? But I’m the one who was recently excommunicated by GMF (see thread titled 10 TIPS under General Discussion).

  6. I believe, after finally seeing the importance of this issue, the BBC is going to produce a 24-part one-hour long documentaries, similar to “The World at War”, but in this case it is “George Michael’s Sexuality”.

    The world, but more importantly George Michael himself, believes everybody should learn even more about his unique journey of sexual discovery.

    We will also get a rare and unanswered insight why he announced barely a year ago with big hullaballoo that he is “retiring from the muscial industry altoghether”, onlt to announce a new album, and for the first time in decades, a WORLD TOUR!

    Ho-hum. George, you are a brilliant artist, we love you. Stop being such a drama queen and focus on what you are good at!

  7. Oh, WHAT do you know…blast from the past…I wonder if we ‘re allowed to use expletives on this blog.

  8. Maybe expletives are not necessary as such- never state what can be implied.

    As for Remarkable, there’s no brainwashing mystery, just a two million quid gift from Tiffany’s(of all places!). No wonder Kenny wanted to call the whole acting thing off.

  9. Just for the record, it was *I* who asked that question. After a lengthy “You’re wrong, cause George said…”, “No, but George…”, George blah, blah, blah, making him sound like he’s “George Michael, The Moral Hierarchy – according to Remarkable”. So there.

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