Carole Malone Libels George Michael In Sunday Mirror

Carole Malone, eh? Have you seen what she looks like? Judging by her photo, she seems to think that bright red lipstick and lots of hairspray somehow magically make her physical appearance acceptable? She’s mistaken. Uggggggggh – what a repulsive-looking “human” she is. Please take your photo off the web-site, you disgusting woman – you’re making me want to throw up.

Anyway, today, she libels George Michael in her article in the Sunday Mirror. For example, she writes the following transparent, 100% certifiable lie,

George is the kind of guy who thinks that having given Kenny a million quid as a present he ought to just keep his mouth shut and live with it. Nice man, eh?

She’s also keen to hand out advice, too:

Instead of threatening to sue all and sundry, the singer ought to be apologising to Kenny for embarrassing him so publicly – yet again.

Oh please. How retarded can a person be? I suggest she shuts the fuck up, if she knows what’s good for her – she might just have personally guaranteed that her employer gets sued for millions of pounds. I’m afraid that very few newspaper owners will think the kind of inconsequential rubbish that Ms Malone usually writes is worth millions of pounds of their money…

3 thoughts on “Carole Malone Libels George Michael In Sunday Mirror

  1. Oh please can someone tell that women that if she is going to dole out criticism at least let it be Original! At some point they are going to bore the shit out of themselves with the same rhetoric!!!

  2. It’s like they all base their comments and articles on the initial story from last Sunday. Everything George has said after that gets either twisted or is simply ignored. It’s not just boring and pathetic, it’s downright mean.

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