Daily Mail Repeats Blatant Lies – And Further Libels George Michael

Perhaps the owner and editor of UK’s Daily Mail newspaper have resigned themselves to being sued. Or perhaps they don’t believe singer George Michael is prepared to go through with the legal action he threatened two days ago. Whatever the view inside the Daily Mail, though, they have sunk to record lows in publishing a new article by psuedo-journalist Alison Bowyer in their TV & Showbiz section. The new article is designed to be a complete character assassination, and prints and re-prints blatant lies which will be trivial to prove as such in court, as well as futher libelling the singer.

Of course, the Daily Mail has always been a low quality newspaper, focussing on so-called “human interest” stories; and massively over-simplifying the reporting of the current affairs it does cover, to fit its own xenophobic and homophobic views of the world. So, the people involved with the paper clearly aren’t all the bright; but still I find their ignorance and stupidy shocking. The paper also practices cheque-book journalism in the same way that the News Of The World does. In fact, the Mail On Sunday newspaper is second only to the News Of The World in terms of its budget for paying for stories.

However, the newspaper’s pockets are nothing like as deep as those of Rupert Murdoch (who I saw on television yesterday, by the way. He’s looking pretty frail. Not long left now Rupert – all this talk of who you want to run the country after Tony Blair is a bit premature! You’ll probably be dead by that time, you old git – and just to let ya know, dying your hair isn’t going to prolong your life, ya twat! LOL!). I wonder if their lawyers realise just how many, and how damaging, the blatant lies the paper has been printing are. If it turns out that the laws of libel do indeed protect George Michael, as they should, the monetary damages that the Daily Mail will have to pay out will certainly be in the millions of pounds. I have never seen a campaign like this run by a newspaper or newspapers before; it is not even in doubt that they have printed lies, because so much of their source material is in the public domain. My view is that George Michael could sue them for in excess of ten million pounds. In this new article, the people running the paper are even so stupid as to admit that the stories they have been printing may have damaged beyond repair George’s chances of a successful US tour in the new year, which is what he had been planning. That sentence alone could potentially send their bill for damages over ten million pounds.

It is difficult to see this campaign as anything other than a massive error of judgement on the part of the newspaper; they don’t have the circulation to justify printing stories that could cost the paper this kind of money. I should expect the editors and the journalists involved will be fired, if they lose a court case of this magnitude. And given that the company that owns the Daily Mail, DMGT, has already seen its share price plummet by 30%, from over £8 to around £5.50 since the start of the year, executives of DMGT must also at risk. Furthermore, Associated Newspapers, the newspaper division of DMGT, which includes both the Daily Mail and the Evening Standard, has seen a steady decline in its profits in recent accounting periods. Losing a big lawsuit is the last thing they need, and it is unlikely that shareholders would simply stand by in the face of such gross corporate negligence. Heads would, and should, roll. I really hope George Michael is able to teach these people a lesson.

(Thanks to Evelyn for pointing me to this story)

16 thoughts on “Daily Mail Repeats Blatant Lies – And Further Libels George Michael

  1. Yes, thanks! I hope George sues the DM too. But only if he stands a good chance of winning. I’m sure he’s got his lawyers investigating this right now.

  2. I saw the article late last night US time and felt completely LIVID! It purely unbelievable the extent they went to with this new story. They really reached new heights of insanity with this last article.

  3. Can’t believe the Advocate. After being supportive of George in the past and actually publishing an editorial by him, they have suddenly lost their ability to tell truth from fiction. Check out their article:
    http://www.advocate.com/news_detail_ektid34822.asp where they summarize the BBC interview ending with, George acknowledged that Kenny had called off the marriage until being paid 1Mpounds!
    The newspapers shouldn’t be pointing out mental illness in anyone unless looking in the mirror.

  4. That latest “article” in the Daily Mail made me sick – it was lower than I thought even Rupert Murdock would go (may he depart soon!).

    The Advocate had it so backwards that I sent them an email comparing what they summarized and what was actually said.

  5. Oliver,

    I fully agree with you. The Daily Mail article from today (when I read it last night online) made me positively want to swim the Atlantic Ocean and tear the reporters pea size brain out of their head. It was disgusting.. absolutely disgusting.

    As for the Advocate, they printed the NOTW article like it was fact. I lost ALL respect for them with that singular act.

  6. Bravo Oliver and Evelyn. I absolutely agree with you about the legitimacy of the Advocate and will not be looking at it in future for “factual” information on George or anything. Our motto, Truth Rises.

  7. I lost respect for the Advocate when they printed the NOTW articla without verifying it’s accuracy. I still did not expect them to print the complete opposite of what was said in a live television interview that was availabel in line.

    Fortunately Remarkable has been good enough to print the the facts & links for everyone to read.

  8. Re the Advocate: did you realize that Judy Wieder longtime VP-editorial director of the Advocate left in March. I’m not sure that they even have an editorial director anymore.

  9. I was glad to see that many people emailed the Advocate about how wrongly they have handled this case. I’m sad to see that it didn’t help and they made the same mistake with the BBC interview. But the difference with how they treated George (and the facts for that matter) in the past and now is so big, that it indeed looks like something must have happened. Otherwise this is unexplainable.

  10. Sadly I do think that we in the states are thoroughly screwed when it comes to George touring here. If I was hopeful before I’m not real hopeful now.

  11. Isn’t it infuriating how the Daily Mail mostly publishes those comments that are agreeing with the contents of their rubbish article? If you try to get a sensible word in, you don’t get published. Then again, I don’t think I should let comments bother me, made by people who actually rely on a tabloid for their information. They can’t be very intelligent.😉

  12. OMG – This piece of writing is actually even worse than the one from that Brian Reade a few days ago.

    This complete ignorant ‘journalist’ (yet again) chooses to ignore all the fact and paints a picture that screams HOMOPHOBIA so loudly that, if I was a gay man, I’d feel personally insulted by her ignorant, vicious words – the ones of a total bigot.

    How these people (the so called tabloid ‘journalists’) continue indisturbed to display such shameless behaviour (!!), is beyond me. And they get payed too – I’ve even run out of swear words!

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