Broadsheet Papers Support George Michael

Not all the British press is taking part in the campaign against George Michael. At the quality end of the press, the tone is, in fact, rather supportive of George. The Observer and the Independent have both published pieces that are orders of magnitude more intelligent (and honest) than the rubbish that has been written in the News Of The World, The Mirror, The Sun, the Daily Mail, the Evening Standard, and The Advocate.

Patrick Howard has a piece in the Independent that explains what many gay men enjoy about cruising; while Mark Turner in the Observer points out that gay men have gone cruising in Britain since the 18th century, and asks – why has George Michael been singled out for censure?

It’s good to see some intelligent comment on this matter in the press at last. If I thought the views put forward in the Murdoch press and in Assoicated Newspapers publications were representative of British public opinion, I’d have recommended George cancel his UK tour, and give people their money back. However, I don’t think it is. What we’re seeing in the campaign against George Michael is nothing more than a handful of bigots who are overly fond of the sounds of their own voices.

4 thoughts on “Broadsheet Papers Support George Michael


    The Observer article is especially thrilling to read!

    Can I put this on a billboard someplace:

    As with his cruising in a park toilet in LA in 1998, this episode shows him to be far more honest and honourable than the reporters sneaking about in bushes trying to photograph him.

  2. Why George Michael should be singled out for his private behaviour while other celebs are cheating, having kids out of wedlock, etc. etc. and aren’t harassed by press is beyond comprehension. Why George Michael indeed. I wonder what the sleezy writers would do if they were followed, photographed and stalked after visiting the pub, the parents house for dinner, or perhaps their own ‘private’ behaviours.

    All I observe is that each time GM finds himself in a press bind, he shares knowledge, opinion and sets a great example for living one’s life with honesty, integrity and accountability. Something obviously Mel Gibson is just beginning to understand.

  3. Both articles were a very refreshing change from the filth of the last week. Thanks again for posting, Remarkable.

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