Papers Continue To Print Lies – But Are More Restrained

This morning, the tabloid papers continue to print lies about singer George Michael, but in a rather more restrained way than in their “work” of recent days. It looks very much like their copy has been checked by their lawyers this time – so while there are still lies, there are no new lies today (so far).

The Sun newspaper prints a picture of George waving, and says,

GEORGE Michael waves and shows off an “engagement” ring — as he is snapped for the first time since being caught cruising for gay sex.

The ex-Wham! star, 43, who had a hit with Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go, must have been forgiven by lover Kenny Goss.

“Journalist”, Fiona Cummins, is apparently unable to identify the major point of George’s ITV interview (what a retarded bitch she must be) to use as her headline, and writes in The Mirror newspaper:


GEORGE Michael last night admitted he has cruised for gay sex since being a teenager.

The singer, 43, was recently caught in an intimate clinch on Hampstead Heath, North West London.

But the ex-Wham star angrily denied his habit was putting his health at risk.


He said: “I’ve been doing this on and off since I was a teenager and never once seen any violence.

“If I want to see violence or what I call shameful behaviour, the idea that women in clubs these days have to hold their hand over their drink for fear of being drugged…”

He added: “I have not cheated or lied about my sex life to anybody in my life.

He attacked “slurs” suggesting the scandal had forced him to call off his “wedding” to lover Kenny Goss and threatened to sue in the ITV interview.

Notice that today, the quotes are accurate. From their perspective, it does not matter that they repeated some of the previous lies: about George being caught with the old guy in the woods; and reporting that George’s wedding to Kenny Goss had been called off, because – if they are going to get sued for these partcular lies, then the damage is already done.

Of course, once their legal strategy is sorted out, they may well decide to print some new lies (or even true stories!); but my guess is that their lawyers have advised them to take care until they have weighed the risks properly.



6 thoughts on “Papers Continue To Print Lies – But Are More Restrained

  1. The good news is – everyone reading online can leave comments on this ‘article’…

  2. I know but I’m still going to comment. You never know, these pseudo-journalists’s ‘work’ may be reviewed if George sues, and the comments that were sent and not published could be used to investigate what kind of conduct these people adopt…

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