George Michael To Sue All Those Who Have Printed Lies

(Update: George has given an interview on BBC news where he clarifies who he is suing. He’s not suing Rupert Murdoch – he’s concerned Murdoch is powerful enough to destroy him – the BBC News 24 transcript is now available)

Singer George Michael is to take legal action against all some of the media involved propagating lies about his life in recent days. The is a great decision, in my opinion. While a media circus is sure to ensue, as I wrote a couple of days ago, it is now clear they are running a campaign against him, and they aren’t going to stop voluntarily. And, given that the stories that have been printed this week are all blatant lies, it’s a great opportunity to hit them hard. You can even see some of the media lies for yourself [that’s how blatant they’ve been], by comparing my true and accurate transcript of his Richard and Judy interview with the subsequent reports of that interview in the press [e.g. in The Sun and The Mirror, but elsewhere too: the BBC, the Daily Mail and The Evening Standard, among others, have all been involved in publishing either blatant lies, or in inaccurate reporting. Good on George for taking a stand against these idiots.

George Michael announced his decision to take legal action today on the UK’s ITV Evening News programme, broadcast at 6.30pm. A full and accurate transcript of this interview is given below. The tone of this interview was very different to the one on Richard and Judy. George appeared angry, and had clearly had enough of this kind of treatment. I don’t blame him. I wouldn’t have had as much patience with them as he has had. As with the Richard & Judy transcript, you will be able to compare this transcript, with what the papers print tomorrow (if their lawyers let them). It will be interesting to see how the papers react to this. If they’re smart, they will shut up – they’re in big trouble. It is not often that lawyers who advise newspapers let the newspapers dig themselves into as big a hole as they have done this time, because printing blatant lies can be exceptionally expensive. I really hope they’re about to find out just how expensive…

Interview begins.

(Female) Interviewer: George, there are some people out there who are not homophobic, who are in a relationship, be that gay or straight – it doesn’t matter. They don’t understand why someone in a long-term relationship, in a partnership, who don’t understand why someone wants to have casual sex outside that relationship.

George: I think women almost never understand this phenomenon, and I totally respect that. I don’t try to explain it to them…

Interviewer: And some men. And some gay men as well.

George: Yes but many, many, many men; many more men that will admit it totally understand the concept; because the idea of “no-strings” sex is very attractive to most men, gay or straight.

Interviewer: In terms of people that don’t understand the idea of casual sex outside a relationship. Can you understand why they would be confused about why you would put your health at risk, potentially?

George: No, I’m sorry. I’m not here to talk about this. We can talk all night, if you want to, about how dangerous it is to go to a bar or a pub, or an ordinary club these days.

Interview: Absolutely all these things have potential risks.

George: And I’m saying that I have been doing this, on and off, since I was a teenager, and never once seen violence. If I want to see violence, or what I call “shameful behaviour” – the idea that women in clubs these days have to hold their hand over their drink for fear of being drugged. Please don’t tell me, as a member of the straight community, that I am taking risks. I know what I do; and I’m sorry, but we (the gay community) should not be taking questions like this from, straight women in particular. Or male… or males…

Interviewer: OK. From gay people. From gay people who don’t…

George: But very few gay people are internally homophobic enough to say, “We don’t want to be represented like this.”

Interviewer: But neither you or I can speak for other gay people.

George: No we can’t. We can’t. But what I can say is, I do not deserve the criticism. What I don’t have respect for, is some demand for answers from an openly gay man who is living his own life. I’m not lying, I’m not cheating anyone. These are normally the elements of a straight scandal: is that a kiss-and-tell involves a straight person who is cheating or lying. I have not cheated or lied about my sex life to anybody in my life, in my entire life. You know, I mean I hate not being able to rise above it. But there’s only so much you can take, and when the media starts to put slurs on my relationship, and indicate that my partner, who is perfectly happy about the way I live my life, and the way we live our lives together. That my partner is calling off our civil partnership, and that I’m having to buy him back with money. These kind of things are just unacceptable. And I’m really just here to say – I’ve had enough really, and I’m going to have to take legal action against pretty much everybody involved.

Interview ends..

Transcript not to be reproduced without permission. You can link to this @

16 thoughts on “George Michael To Sue All Those Who Have Printed Lies

  1. Way to go George! I guess the bastards at the NOTW and the Daily Mail must be in shock now. They never ever believed George would take this step.😉

  2. Go George! Finally! This should have been done ages ago… sue them for everything… we are right behind you. No one deserves this kind of treatment.. I cant understand why the British press constantly harass him and come up with such stories.. it drives me mad.. shouldnt the UK be proud of one of its biggest male solo artists?

  3. As much as I hate NOTW, I think George is just creating more drama because, well, he’s a bit of a drama queen. He’s talked about cruising so much of his own free will, as well as of his open relationship, that I think he’s weakened his own argument about keeping his private life private. I think all those interviews will be used very strongly against him. Also, let’s remember, GM doesn’t have a very good record when it comes to lawsuits. It’s getting (gotten?) to the point where he’s becoming more famous for his legal problems than for his music, and that is a sad thing. … He needs to be putting his energy elsewhere: like rehearsals, getting in shape, eating right, etc. There seems to be a part of his psyche that is very angry and self-sabotaging and lashing out. And this part of him seems to come out at the most inopportune times. Maybe its stress over the upcoming tour, I don’t know. Anyway, This is not good.

  4. Seriously, if it’s such an acceptable thing for George to do (according to him), then why does he have to get off his nut to go out and do it???

    I bet my life on it that you’d never see George out and about on the Heath without some form of drug inside him.

    I’m sorry, but this man is totally ashamed of who he is. Hence why he’s constantly reminding us of how great his life is and how happy he is. I guess the more he says it, the more acceptable it becomes to him.

    Sorry George, your covers blown!


    p.s. Next time you’re on the Heath George, give me a shout, my Grandad wants to try something new before he pegs it😉

  5. @Yogchick

    He’s not suing about his private life (as far as I know). He’s using people for harassment and for printing lies. He has a strong case, I’d have thought.

  6. I know that George has talked about cruising, drug use and the opened relationship many times – but I don’t think the did it because he *wants* these issues to be public. He simply wants to leave the press with no BIG stories about him. I can remember the precise moment when I realised that this is what (and why) he was doing: it was when he gave an interview to the Mirror a few years back now (I think coinciding with the STD controversial release), and he said something like: ‘OK guys, I know how this works – so I am going to get there before you have the chance to do it and reveal to all that Kenny and I have an opened relationship – because this is something you will want to bank on and I will not give you this opportunity!’

    I still believe that George is a very private person and what he does, he feels he *has to* in order to avoid the crap that the press throws at him – unfortunately this is not the case; as we’ve seen with this ‘cruising incident’: precisely because George has not made a secret of it, they need to make up sensational lies in order to sell their papers – and they’re well prepared to do it on a daily basis, if they have to.

    So I think George is more than right to want to put a stop to the stalking and the lies and if you ask me, he’s been much more patient than your average human being (certainly more patient than me!).

    Good luck George, love ya!

  7. Well said, Miss Freek. I know I wouldn’t have endured 5 whole months of 24/7 stalking. Yes, George was in a public place, but it was 2,30 in the morning, and the only other guys there were there for the same reason. And apparently cruising isn’t illegal, because I heard today sex in public is only illegal in the UK if someone files a complaint.
    I think this lawsuit is indeed about the stalking and the blatent lies that have been printed. Not just twisted quotes, downright lies. No one should have to accept that.

  8. You wrote:
    Interviewer: In terms of people that don’t understand the idea of casual sex outside a relationship. Can you understand why they would be confused about why you would put your health at risk, potentially?

    Shouldn’t it be:
    In terms of people that don’t understand why somebody would want casual sex outside a relationship. Can you understand that they would be confused about why you would put your health at risk, potentially?

    Just for completeness🙂

  9. The strange thing is that nobody ever asks George to explain why he had a string of very attractive girlfriends before he suddenly realised he was ‘gay’…

    Think about the ‘I want your sex’ video, which starred his then girlfriend. No interviewer ever mentions this slight problem… George was not born gay, neither was anybody else. Having sex in public with strangers means there’s something wrong with you. Which is probably why most gays do it…

  10. it amazes me how anyone can believe anything in any newspaper article without not questioning it’s truth.

    Such crap, such envy .
    and in reply to above , i can’t but its clearly silly that im going to reply,but I will.

    unatural acts? —umm hate to tell you the i want your sex video is something gm, does its called making music, its called selling a record.. private doors private lives .. ahhh that ain’t unnatural. . and ahh hate to tell you.No interviewer mentions this slight problem? you mean the one that you don’t understand why george michael never spoke to you directly about his love life? hmmm interesting…

    quote -unatural acts says:
    “Having sex in public with strangers means there’s something wrong with you.”

    How ? umm don’t get the rationale behind this one.
    Are you envious/serious , cause since YOU can’t imagine yourself having sex in public places does that make it wrong for you?(clearly,YES)

    THIS is what you should be asking yourself,that its wrong for you ONLY. not necessarily for someone else..
    Replying and telling YOU whoever you are that wrote this, is an unatural act in itself.
    THIS is why George didn’t talk about his private life when others asked him to,(i dont blame him talking to an audience of an iq of oh god i don’t want to offend but zero basically) cause YOU would write such ‘unatural’ things..
    oh… you poor thing… enough said.


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