George Michael Inspires Newsnight Debate On Cruising

Yesterday (Wednesday), the BBC late-night current affairs show, Newsnight, had a debate on cruising, inspired by the recent (false) tabloid stories about singer George Michael. Until today’s programme has aired, you can watch last night’s programme on-line. So if you want to watch, you should do it now – it won’t be there for long. The part of the show relating to George starts at 38 minutes 16 seconds into the program.

The piece begins.. “Now, it must surely count as a sign of the times: George Michael, on Richard & Judy, discussing having sex with a middle-aged van driver on Hampstead Heath in London.”

Of course, the BBC has chosen to ignore the fact that George Michael said these reports are lies; their reporting is no more accurate than the tabloid press. BBC journalists like to masquerade as being serious and accurate in their reporting; unfortunately, they’re a long way from being that. Nevertheless, while their reporting is inaccurate and often disingenuous, at least it’s slightly more intelligent than the reporting in the tabloid press. It’s worth a watch…

2 thoughts on “George Michael Inspires Newsnight Debate On Cruising

  1. ROTFLMAO!!! This is getting out of hand now! What’s next, a debate in Parliament?!! See how much trouble you’ve caused George? LOL Couldn’t you have just stayed home and had a w**k?!LOL😉

  2. That wouldn’t have been the same, would it?😉
    Frankly, it’s shocking to see that there is nobody who actually checks their facts. It’s only “normal” for the Daily Mail etc. not to want to retract their story, but for more serious news sources, you expect them to be more careful. Like George said – his interview was useless, but I for one am happy he did it anyway.

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