George Michael Clarifies Legal Action – BBC News 24 Transcript

At 8.55 this evening, an interview with the singer George Michael was broadcast on the BBC news channel, News 24. In this interview, George builds on the earlier interview broadcast on ITV. Specifically, George clarifies precisely who he is going to sue. Interestingly, he feels unable to touch Rupert Murdoch, because of the power the Murdoch wields in the world. George feels that Murdoch can essentially destroy anyone he wants. Well, the good news George, is that Rupert Murdoch is not God, he is mortal; and the truth is, he’s an old man – and old man who will die very soon now. He doesn’t have long left. Perhaps we should all pray that Mr Murdoch dies within the next few weeks, because, to be honest, I’ve had enough of him existing on this planet. It really is time the evil old fucker kicked the bucket – he’s way past his “use by” date. And when he’s dead, I hope everyone pops along to his grave to have a piss on it, and generally deface it. He is a disgusting human being, and deserves to be treated with as little respect as possible. Actually, if I can, I wouldn’t mind popping along to his funeral, and pissing into his casket😉

Anyway, back to the interview. The full transcript is give below, as usual it’s full and accurate. You can now also watch a video of the broadcast. The tone of this was much more relaxed that the ITV Interview (George even smiled at one point!). So, it seems he had calmed down a bit by the time this piece was recorded.

Interview begins…
Interviewer: George Michael told me the events reported in the News Of The World had no happened, and that he had decided to act…

George: I am suing the photographers for harassment, hopefully also for libel because they are the “witnesses”. I am suing the individual involved, who I have never ever seen; let alone wanted to have any kind of sexual encounter with. And I’m currently investigating suing the secondary sources of libel – which is the people who decided that Mr Murdoch’s story could do with some more kind of zhoozhing up, as they say; and said that my partner had called off our wedding, and the day after that my partner had paid or had been given a million pounds and was now interested in marrying me again. These are things that are not really acceptable.

Interviewer: Sure. But you know what the doubters will say to that: you will sue the secondary sources; you will sue the man who you say you never met anyway, who’s clearly not a wealthy man; but you won’t touch Rupert Murdoch and the News Of The World who instigated it. And people will have doubts about that.

George: Oh I don’t know. You find me someone who’s happy to sue Rupert Murdoch in the modern world – I’d love to meet them.

Interviewer: You’re better off than most, aren’t you?

George: But you’ve got to remember… yeah absolutely, well I’m not talking about money, I’m talking about, do you want to be destroyed? I’m here to say, I’m suing the guy who says he met me, because he didn’t. I’m suing the photographers because they’re harassing me. And that I should not have to worry about who’s watching me at 2.30 in the morning. And I’m now investigating how far libel law covers me.

Interviewer: There was a point made, following the original newspaper disclosure, when you spoke to Richard and Judy, and you talked about cruising being part of the gay culture. That upset a number of gay people, judging by a phone-in I heard the next day, who said, “Well it’s not part of *my* culture”. Isn’t there a danger you’re trying to bring everybody into this basket?

George: No, no, no, no, no , no – I’m only talking about my life. And I’m not even trying to justify that. I’m not here to justify cruising – I think that’s a completely homophobic standpoint to take. It’s private. That’s the point. What I was doing was private.

Interviewer: It’s not always private, though. That’s the problem, isn’t it?

George: That’s not my issue is it?

Interviewer: Well, it is if you happen to be walking past at the time.

George: *grinning* Well, I don’t know anybody that actually goes to Hampstead Heath at two o’clock in the morning, for anything other than the reason for playing about with another member of the human race. If they are there at 2 o’clock in the morning, then they’re a little bit strange, or they just don’t know the local area. Why I’m answerable for any of this is beyond me! Because, to me, none of these questions are anything to do with me if you take away the fact that there are photographers stalking me, through the night. And it’s OK because they have cameras round their necks. You know, I’ve been asked several times, as though I bring my sexuality to the public.

Interviewer: Well, I was about to ask you that. Aren’t people now entitled to be sick of reading about your sex life and your sexuality?

George: *I’m* sick of reading about it. Well, the thing is – does any one of them think that I have created this situation? If you think that George Michael has created a situation where people are constantly having to read about his sex life, you have to think about the fact that I have done nothing this year that’s against the law. I’ve done nothing to encourage talk about my sex life. The question is not why I bring it to the public, it’s why I have to defend it in public – ‘cos I don’t want to have to talk about it at all.

Interview ends…

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15 thoughts on “George Michael Clarifies Legal Action – BBC News 24 Transcript

  1. Thanks again for the transcript, Remarkable. These days you’re certainly the best source for news for us outside the UK.

  2. George can’t have his ‘cake and eat it’. He is famous and there are certain things that allows him to do and others he can not get away with.As a non famous person I can’t do some of the things George can.There has always been something in the British popular public ‘culture’ that loves to see sucessful and powerful people fall from grace.George is smart and should know this.
    However, he has the right NOT to be stalked and harrassed, NOT to have obvious libelious lies written about him and his family. I support his action to sue – otherwise it will only get worse for him…I truely believe that he will silence ALL of his critics once he starts his tour and reminds everyone why he is the LEGEND that he is!!! Go George!

  3. Thanks for posting these transcripts and links. It’s about time George sued these people!

  4. I am so distracted by his eyebrows!! He looks thin again, btw…

    One question – can he really sue re the million pound comment when he sort of said it himself (though apparently laughing).

  5. @ xolondon

    Of course he can sue about the “million pound” comment. He did not “sort of say it”. He was very clear: there was no suggestion that Kenny had ever called the wedding off; neither did he say he had paid Kenny a million pounds.

  6. So, he’s gonna sue the man who said he had sex with him ‘cos he’s old and ugly? Would George sue a model-looking dude who came out with the same story? In my humble opinion, he’s playing the victim again. Have sex outdoors, and someone may end up seeing you. Isn’t that part of the thrill?

  7. I’m not sure what you’re trying to say here, Julie. Have sex outdoors and someone is likely to see you so… Someone else is likely to sell a completely fictional story to the papers about you and him wanking eachother off, kissing and discussing deep personal issues in the bushes?
    Hmmm – would that do it for you? Thrilling experience, you say?

  8. Also, RE old and ugly. Of course it matters that this guy is old and ugly! This is the reason why the News of The Screws chose him, to make George look like a sad and desperate sex crazed animal. So, George is damn right to sue!

    The point is: I’d be pissed off in exactly the same way if the papers published photos of alleged ugly and grubby men who claimed to be having wild sex against the wall with me every thursday at 10.30 AM! No one wants to be seen as someone who lusts after sad ugly losers – whether they admit it or not, it’s another story… Thing is: George wasn’t, why should he shut up about it?

  9. George having sex in a public park is not “private.” It’s a public space open to anyone including photographers. He completely encouraged this to be put into the public spotlight by choosing to have sex in a place that is open to the public. And celebraties should expect photographers. It’s also really backwards to think someone in a public park is “a little bit strange” but gays cruising for sex with strangers is not.

  10. Sorry Rich, tell me again how George Michael “encourated” this? You might want to take a look at the details of the recent press stories again; they are all stuffed full of what are verifiable, blatent lies.

    The point is: all this is *nothing* to do with cruising, everything to do with the press harassing and libelling George Michael.

    And, as for your comment that, “It’s also really backwards to think someone in a public park is “a little bit strange” but gays cruising for sex with strangers is not.” I’m afraid you’re simply wrong. Look at the context of George’s comment – he was talking about Hampstead Heath; not *any* public park. The truth is: people do *not* wander generally wander across Hampstead Heath at 2am, unless they are cruising or mentally ill. That’s just a fact, I’m afraid. You might not like it (in fact, I’m sure you don’t – your comment makes your homophobia completely transparent). But that doesn’t make it any less true.

  11. Kenny has paid himslef a million pounds to get to the mood to marry George? Shouldn’t it be “have been paid”?😉

    Am I the only one who think that some stars are entitled to have a private life, some don’t?! And the tabloids decide which is the case?

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