The Sun Twists George’s Interview – Emma Cox Deliberately Lies

THE Sun Newspaper is the first to twist yesterday’s George Michael interview on Richard and Judy. Emma Cox, retarded tabloid “journalist” The Sun’s Deputy TV Editor (God ‘elp us if she ever makes it to the lofty role of TV Editor) deliberately misquotes George to make it looks as though he admitted that the News Of The World story was true.

In her SEMI-LITERATE piece of writing Sun-speak, Cox dubs George CHEEKY, and in an astonishing outburst, REFUSES to admit she is lying, deliberately misquoting the former Wham! frontman, 43, as saying:

“My present to him was a million quid so I think I should get away with so-called fooling around with ‘Bernard Manning’.

The depraved journalist’s pals are becoming increasingly worried about her low-quality reporting. “We think it’s because she is ashamed that her surnname sounds like a slang word for PENIS” said a close friend last night.

Whereas… the true quote is actually a denial that the event took place, and furthermore this part of the interview was said as part a light-hearted joke – George was even giggling when he said this:

“so I reckon I should get away with more than supposedly fooling around with “Bernard Manning”

If you want to write to Emma Cox, you can do so at Obviously you shouldn’t send her abusive, threatening e-mails… because, given that she’s probably as bad at reading as she is at listening, she’d completely miss the point…

(Thanks to Nutmeg for drawing attention to this story).

You can read more of Emma’s “misunderstandings” concerning George’s Richard and Judy interview, in the on-line version of the paper. Better to read it on-line than in the paper – that way you don’t have to support her writing financially. Remember the name Emma Cox. It’s not worth paying money to read anything she writes – she appears completely incapable of accurate reporting.

2 thoughts on “The Sun Twists George’s Interview – Emma Cox Deliberately Lies

  1. With that lovely piece of reading material I shall go to bed and think of wonderful ways to inform Emma Cox how her brand of “reporting” equates her with about as much intellegance as a RAT!

    George should run a Full Page Ad in the Sun and every other major UK Paper. Half the ad would be a direct transcript from The Richard and Judy show and the other half of the ad would be the loves Ms. Cox “article.” And of course choice parts of each would be highlighted to reflect the utter disregad for FACT and ACCURACY that The Sun has.

    Oh how I wish I had a spare few thousand pound, I would do it myself!

  2. Evelyn,
    I think you’re underestimating the intellegence of rats, actually. I don’t think you get a journalistic position with any of the tabloids if you have an IQ score higher than that of a POT PLANT!! What worry’s me is that…all these people have UNIVERSITY DEGREES in journalism…and this is what they’re reduced to? Someone who works on a stall in a street market could do better! (Not to insult anyone who works on a stall, I’m just guessing that they probably don’t have a degree!)

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