The Mirror Twists George’s Interview – Sarah Tetteh Deliberately Lies

The Mirror newspaper follows in The Sun’s footsteps today, twisting yesterday’s George Michael interview on Richard and Judy. Showbiz “reporter” for The Mirror, Sarah Tetteh, deliberately misrepresents George’s words, in a similar way to Ms Cox did in The Sun, to make it look as though George admitted that the News Of The World story is true.

While from the interview, it is clear that George was saying that it was laughable he’d go for someone like that, The Mirror piece reports that:

Defiant George, 43, insisted that he had done nothing wrong by picking up 58-year-old Norman Kirtland at London’s notorious gay hot-spot Hampstead Heath.

It’s not credible that anyone could misunderstand the clear meaning of the statement that George made:

Much as I don’t want be ageist or fattist, it’s dark up there, but it’s not *that* dark!

The only reasonable conclusion to draw is that Sarah Tetteh and The Mirror are deliberately lying. Of course, having said that, it’s more than obvious from her writing that Sarah Tetteh isn’t the sharpest knife in the draw. She writes:

George… claimed they were likely to tie the knot before his 50-date European tour begins in September.

No, George did not “claim” that. He clearly stated that they had decided to postpone their marrage until next year, solely because of the high level of intrusiveness George and Kenny experiencing from the press at the moment.

This morning, sources close to the depraved Mirror showbiz reporter said, “Sarah is simply incapable of stringing more than two words together that don’t contain a lie. We think it’s because she’s ashamed that her surname sounds like a slang word for a female breast.”

If you want to write to Sarah, expressing your admiration for the high standard of her work, you can do so at:

7 thoughts on “The Mirror Twists George’s Interview – Sarah Tetteh Deliberately Lies

  1. The Daily Mail and the Evening Standard are totally twisting George’s word, making it sound like he had to buy Kenny an expensive present to get the wedding “back on”. It’s sad how they twist the thing. George predicted that right.

  2. Just send an email to both the mirror and the sun. I won’t get a response I know but I thought it was only fair to let them know that being far from the truth is one thing but lying is another.

    xx Moonchild

  3. Brian Reade, eh? What a tosser! LOL! He’s even printed a picture of his repulsive face too. Does he think people want to see that? Uggggggggh! Really, look at this face: the sunken eyes, and the ultra-thin lips. These characteristics mark him out genetically as almost sub-human; and certainly right at the lower end of the scale of human intellect. I have to say, his face would be improved visually by being hit repeatedly with a baseball bat. But let’s face it, he’d still be pretty ugly even then; so probably best to leave the loser to his attempts at writing. I’d never even heard of him until you pointed him out – does anyone read his column?

    As you can see, I’ve really run out of patience for tabloid journalists and newspaper owners now😉 They’re just scum, I’m afraid. They all better hope they don’t run into me in a bar in the next few weeks – otherwise they’re going to feel more than the brunt of my writing…

  4. Fucking hell – what a total wanker!!!!! Brian, being you’re so into giving people unwanted advice, here’s a couple of suggestions for you, ‘mate’: trying to be funny and look clever really doesn’t pay off when you 1) Don’t have the brains 2) Don’t have class 3) Don’t even bother to get the facts remotely right 4) Are so clearly homophobic. Hmmm – I realise that this is probably intellectually challenging for you, so I will simplify the message for ya: fuck the hell off!


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