George’s Media Storm Blows Itself Out

(Update on Thursday… How wrong I was!  Update at the bottom of the post) 

Well, the media storm surrounding singer George Michael in the last few days, that was kicked off by the lies in the News Of The World and fanned by the lies in the The Sun, The Mirror, The Daily Mail and The Evening Standard, seems to be blowing itself out. It may even be having benefits for George’s music. Take a look at the most popular search terms that brought people to this blog over the last view days…

Monday was the worst day…

On Monday, popular search terms were, “George Michael Hampstead Heath”, “George Michael caught in the woods” and “George Michael sex shame”

And Tuesday wasn’t his day…

On Tuesday, popular search terms were, “George Michael Hampstead Heath”, “George Michael in New Sex Shame” and “George Michael cruising”.

But Wednesday was the best day…

However, on Wednesday (today), the popular search terms were, “An Easier Affair”, “Lyrics for An Easier Affair”, “George Michael London residence” and “Kenny Goss”
With a bit of luck, then, this flurry of bad press is over. I wonder what they’ll try (and fail!) to get George with next?

But Thursday was the best day, cos on Thursday he decided to sue…

One thought on “George’s Media Storm Blows Itself Out

  1. The Advocate is running a poll, “quoting” George Michael as he was “quoted” by NEWS OF THE WORLD, without giving them as a source. So what is happening is everyone is responding with outrage that GM would claim to speak on behalf of all gay people (“This is MY culture…”). It’s turning in to an outraged hatefest. I’ve giving my opinion as “Undecided” on this issue as the story is so dubious to begin with. For others who care to do the same (and alert in the Comment Section that this originated as a tawdry tabloid story that is totally unverified, go to:

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