Should George Michael Sue The News Of The World?

I found today’s front page story in the News Of The World concerning George Michael cruising on Hampstead Heath a pretty unpleasant one. Why? Because it’s effectively an anti-gay story, and I really thought we had moved on from this kind of small-minded bigotry. The majority of the British public don’t care about a man being gay, and engaging in practices that are common amongst gay men.

So, the question becomes – should George sue the News Of the World? I thinki it depends on how true the story is. If it turns out they just made it up e.g. they followed him around, and took some snaps of him on Hampstead Heath; and that old ugly bloke had nothing to do with George, I think this is the time to sue them. And sue their arses off. Perhaps start at £10M to £20M pounds damages (or higher, if it’s realistic). For example, he could argue that that prior to this story, he had recovered his reputation to the point of being able to sell out a 50-date European tour this year (grossing tens of milllions). With plans under way for US tour early next year, and a European stadium tour next summer, he could argue that News Corporation have been trying to systematically destroy his career by fabricating exceptionally damaging stories about him and publishing in various of their papers in the UK and the US. In fact, there is strong evidence they have been trying to do this since Shoot The Dog. Sounds like a double-digit million lawsuit to me.

The truth is, while News Corporation can afford to be sued for tens of millions, the editor of the paper would certainly lose his job is the paper was successfully sued for a multi-million dollar figure; and the paper would have to stop making up stories about George. Why? Because shareholders aren’t interested in News Corp taking unnecessary loses; and the News Corp lawyers would have no choice to advise the News Of The World that to continue their attacks on George would likely have further serious financial consequences.

And… why should George take a stand now? Because it’s now clear they are not going to leave him alone unless he takes them on. They don’t seem to get bored. And, if it’s a made-up story, this could be that’s sufficiently big for him to hit them super-hard, right where it hurts. And also because this story is so blatantly homophobic, that it would also benefit the gay community to force the paper to retract its story, and publish an apology.

And, in reality, there’s nothing that the papers can do to him. He’s already achieve legendary status in pop music. He’s not doing anything wrong. The way I look at it, George has a lot less to lose here than the News Of The World, News Corp, and the employess of the News Of The World.
Of course, if the story is true, George probably doesn’t have a leg to stand on…

13 thoughts on “Should George Michael Sue The News Of The World?

  1. You say he’s not done anything wrong? How about sex in a public place? I think that’s still illegal!! And if he doesn’t sue…does that mean he WAS doing it and doesn’t want them to publish whatever pictures they might have of ‘the action’?
    I really hope he was just walking the dogs on the Heath, went into the bushes for a pee, they caught him coming out, snapped a few pictures and made the rest up. If they didn’t and the whole thing is true…while I’m not shocked at the fact he cruses etc, I have to wonder after the whole furore of the L.A incident, what on earth would make him put himself and his family through that again?
    Admitedly, it must be hard for someone of George’s fame to indulge in casual sex, if that’s what turn’s him on. I mean he can’t really pick up strangers and take them home, the press are watching the house. The whole ‘Masked Shagger’ thing is common knowledge now too. What’s a guy to do?! :-))

  2. I said all along that George had to sue the bastards.Sorry for swearing. I am fed up with them.

  3. My best Mate from finsbury park has had his cock sucked by George on heath.About 2 months ago.

  4. Billy,
    I don’t think your mate can count on a repeat performance! Hopefully George will get his act together and STOP CRUSING!! Or, just release a fu*cking home porn video…with the money going to charity, of course! 😦

  5. Whatever George was doint there, perhaps he could sue for stalking. The NOTW must have been following him around almost 24/7 for months now. I’m sure he has a case. Doesn’t the UK has stalking laws?😉

  6. I’m not sure about the laws on stalking…they might not apply to journalists or photographers employed by a newspaper…even one as low as NOTW!

  7. Sorry to be an anorak! Laws on stalking from the defendant’s point of view i.e NOTW if George sued them. The paper would probably cite, in this case, paragraph (a)

    What defences are available under the 1997 Act?

    The defendant can, of course, simply say that he did not do the acts which it is alleged he has committed. But, in addition, he can rely on the defences in section 1(3), namely:

    a. that it was pursued for the purpose of preventing or detecting crime,

    b. that it was pursued under any enactment or rule of law or to comply with any condition or requirement imposed by any person under any enactment, or

    c. that in the particular circumstances the pursuit of the course of conduct was reasonable.


  8. Those pictures say nothing to me. Are they going to carry on like that? Everytime they follow George coming out some place at night they really think we are interested? They should have a life.

  9. Proof, you say? Proof of what? We all know he goes cruising. However, some proof of this particular encounter would be useful, given that it seems so unlikely. How about some vague evidence that links  George with this idiot? The papers have produced no photographic evidence that George has ever been within a mile of this guy.

    And as you can read above, George has flatly denied it. He has no reason to lie.

  10. look the thing is if he was there doing what they have reported or not its because he famous end of storey if it was joe bloggs they wouldnt give a toss.
    If any thing like the california incident it will only make him bigger as these things do,hell sell out quicker than the half hour he sold 50 giggs this time.
    im going to earls court in november and im not gay,george is a proper star and the world dont have many left,rock and roll george,oh see you later on wimbledon common ok sweetie pie.xxxxx

  11. To Remarkable

    Of course he had a reason, did you see the guy?
    Bit like scooters and mopeds..great to “ride” but would you want ya friends to see you on one?

  12. I know what a difficult character a depresive one is… I haven’t always known this but I do know this now.

    This come to mean that a depressive person is not in condition at all to make any strong decision… (weddings, sudden tour announcements, sudden music releases, weird travelling or even weird tours into the city… is not in condition for nothing really… )

    I believe that the depressive person has to understand this and try themselves to give themselves the time for recovery if they also know this well. They have to recognize their own symthoms and just not repeat nor doing the very contrary, just do nothing, take it easy and admit the state and inability to make decisions, that’s no shame. Everybody can wait because they just have too, there is not forced ways, many people just DON’T KNOW… so they just do what they only know, what they were done…

    he only needs comfort in a very simple way, true comfort, true warmness… for all the negative feelings to go by themselves as soon as he finds common sense back.

    I also have thoughts of conspirations because thats not so strange thing really… so I believe it to be a mixture of the two things always to everybody!…

    I know my comments don’t help when I get into hot issues as I heat him but I know this better now too and what I try is getting to know how he feels, getting there with him to comfort him as he recovers while my thoughts even though heated are kinda clean, so thats what I try…. alright?

    I can do that, so I do

    so what do you think???? do you think I’m right? or how do you see it?

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