Don’t Fancy Yours Much…

Of course, you’ve seen the front page of today’s News Of The World – the headline is George In New Sex Shame: Caught in act cruising in the woods. Essentially, the story is that the News of the World “investigative journalists” followed George Michael while he was cruising on Hampstead Heath, and apparently observed him kissing, groping and “going ever further”. They also tracked down his rather unattractive alleged conquest, and interviewed him.

The whole article is riddled with factual inaccuracies. George is quoted as saying he would sue if the paper published the photos they were taking. I wonder if he will.

The truth is, there’s not much new here. Everyone knows George likes picking up random guys – I mean, you can barely shut him up about it😉   If this report is accurate, which let’s face it is a bit unlikely, I guess the only news is that we now know that George’s definition of “a great sex life” appears to be picking up really unattractive guys!   That’s a bit hard to understand, unless he and Kenny are having a competition to see who can pick up the ugliest guy.  So Kenny – can you beat this?   You’re gonna have to go some to beat George’s latest move!

2 thoughts on “Don’t Fancy Yours Much…

  1. Oh gods sake, no one don’t actually believe that story do they? Honestly, I know it is dark out there but it is not that flipping dark! Wonder how News of the Screws actually paid to pose and lie like that? ewww!
    hope george sues!

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