George Michael Offical Forums Are Back

Hi everybody, this is Remarkable.

I’m pleased to say that, having visited the forums on a regular basis simply to see whether George has had a change of heart, he’s decided to start them up again.

That’s the good news. The bad news is that it seems that George’s team still has a lot to learn about building an on-line audience for George Michael’s music. In case you didn’t notice, the Internet wasn’t exactly brought to a halt as the world tried to download An Easier Affair en masse. This idea of an exclusive area on the forums for paid-up fan club members is a terrible one, and demonstrates a fundamental lack of understanding in the George camp of how the “on-line” world works. And let’s not even get into the usability of the forum itself – or lack there of.

Much of George’s reasoning for the future is to take his career on-line, thereby avoiding the negativity of the traditional media. He has a lot of work to do, and a long way to go, if he wants to build his on-line audience to any kind of significant level.

27 thoughts on “George Michael Offical Forums Are Back

  1. You would think that a good management would know how to deal with an online fanbase. I mean, it’s not like Internet is something of a mystery, nowadays. I wonder why they appear to be so out of touch. Do they simply *think* they know how it’s done (and clearily don’t) or is it pure ignorance about what are the musts for the building of a vibrant and positively responding virtual community?

  2. Remarkable, whats your new nick? And will there be more on free access area? I know how to make now the Real Name unvisible, thanks to my friend.

  3. At last, I thought I had lost any chances to see the forums up. The fee we gave to join in, should allow us to have more stuff. Thank you anyway.

  4. Hey, my friend. There seems to be a big bug. Can you please post the login site here? My friend?

  5. Something new happened. I need to upgrade my account to use all forums. And it costs. Before i could read all forums and that was yesterday. Can anybody tell what happened?

  6. Look Amazone, nothing has happened yet, I myself cannot even get to the general discussion page, the screen remains black. I don’t know what it is, I keep on checking for news. i am busy at work but i keep on telling myself to stay on top of the news and regularly check. We will see.

  7. That’s because you probably didn’t pay. I now can enter the site as a paid member but the site takes hours to show the page.

  8. Me too, I could read all the forums before without being a paid member, they have changed that now.

  9. I only paid for the official GM fun Club. The other forums don’t ask for money. if you want you can, but it isn’t compulsory.

  10. i dont know what compulsary means. can i watch the fanclub pub? Without paying?

  11. Compulsory means that is is unavoidable.
    No, you cannot watch that page if you don’t pay.

  12. I understand you! I did not have a credit card before, I didn’t even need one until I found out that I could not buy my first row tickets for the GM concert in Dublin, of course I lost those first row tickets. I now have a credit card which I very rarely use. I only used it to subscribe to the GM Fan Club!!

  13. @pippi: i will get maybe a creditcard then i can upgrade. Something other: You asked on Knobby’s Blog why the girl is astonished or something. I tell you cause she have bad friends. You should read in this matter the childbook of Madonna, called something with “roses”.

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