Disappointing Chart Position for An Easier Affair

The new single from George Michael – An Easier Affair – which was released on CD at the begining of the week is set for a disappointing debut in next Sunday’s chart. It’s possible it will barely scrape into the Top 30.   Part of the problem is that not enough people know the single is out.

However, that’s far from the whole story. The main part of the problem is that there are no “unique”, new songs on the CD. That is, songs that won’t feature on any forthcoming album.   George Michael fans are fans of his songs.  For sure, most will want to buy all his songs. However, they are not so desperate that they want to buy them twice.   So, if you’re searching for a reason for the poor chart performance of this record, look no further than the fact that there’s nothing of interest there for fans to buy.  Most are waiting for George Michael 25, the “Greatest Hits 2” record that will be out later this year, to coincide with George’s tour.

3 thoughts on “Disappointing Chart Position for An Easier Affair

  1. I did buy the single, Brother can you spare a dime ,the song, gave me the shivers, it’s amazing, I wish George had included the whole chosen of songs he sang that night at the Pavarotti Concert, love it.

  2. It is really weird how this record seems… sabotaged. One format with a b-side being a live version of a long available cover version? That’s not even funny. If nothing more, a CD2 with the instrumental version of ‘An Easier Affair’ and the video would have boosted the sales. Releasing one CD with no real content apart from the song that was available for download since last week is asking for a low debut. Whoever thought of that ‘strategy’ deserves to be fired.

    And, yeah, the fact this song is his worst single ever doesn’t really help.

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