Happy Tenth Anniversary To George & Kenny

It will be champagne and caviar all round tonight at the main London residence of George Michael and Kenny Goss, as they and their closest friends celebrate their union.

Amazing how the press have failed to pick up on what's going to be happening in Highgate today, what with being camped outside the house for the past month and all. Yes folks, investigative journalism is well and truly dead in the British tabloid press.

Kenny – mine's a pomegranate martini, if you're getting the drinks in. Cheers!

So, ladies and gentlemen, if I might have your attention… please charge your glasses… a toast. To George and Kenny!

34 thoughts on “Happy Tenth Anniversary To George & Kenny

  1. This is the first time I ‘m posting a comment on your blog since December 2004. Reading your latest entry makes me wonder…are you really wishing George and Kenny a happy anniversary or is it pure sarcasm? I mean some of your posts over the years have been particularly acerbic(to say the least) about both of them. Can you at least see the contradiction, Remarkable? And the hypocrisy? I hope you can. I hope you can give me an answer to that.

    To be fair, hypocrisy is a well-known trait of many of George’s fans. Like for example, some people talk very unkindly about Geri, yet they have no problem to go to George’s concerts. Now I ‘m not a fan of Geri- sometimes she annoys me, sometimes I have to wonder about her… – but for whatever reason, George has decided to include her among his friends. So if someone talks direspectfully of George’s friends in public, isn’t that person being direspectful to George also by association?

    Personally, I ‘ve tried for years to understand this friendship he’s got with her- if you feel connected to someone you want to feel connected to their friends too. Otherwise, you must be in conflict. I was reading some trascript from some interview he gave recently…a couple of the things he said about Geri sounded weird…it’s like even he doesn’t know what that friendship is about. LOL Oh well, that’s George for you…

  2. By the way, for those who don’t know, Liberty & Giancarlo are the same person.

  3. To answer the questions you asked of me:

    Yes, I’m really wishing George and Kenny all the best. No sarcasm.

    There is no contradiction or hypocrisy here – I guess you have simply mistaken the tone of previous posts. Granted, you’re not the only one; but that doesn’t make you any the less mistaken.

    I hope that answers your questions!

  4. Don’t worry, Liberty/Giancarlo, we had that one sussed out. You’re easy to spot😉

  5. I ‘ve always thought so too, Singleton. But for some reason, over the years I’ve been mistaken for other people. Btw, who are you? (this whole thing with identities on George’s forums reminds me of a bunch of people stuck in a room without electricity, everything’s pitch black and people fumble along trying to “feel” one another lol)

    Thanks for the reply, Remarkable. I ‘m not entirely concinced but I kinda expected it. You should ‘ve been a lawyer.😉

    {Awww…George on the radio again with Kissing A Fool…should he be browsing, this is what I have to say: Yes, I agree, you ‘re such a fool. But not for the reason you might ‘ve thought when you penned that song]

  6. Do you have any picture about the event? Nothing specific, just in general.

  7. Poor AA, to think the only way she can handle people she doesn’t like is to block them. But she’s in good company, lots of people in GM LaLa Land feel the same way. Maybe you should all get together and form a support group.

    Also, another support group would be helpful to those who post anonymously on blogs. Esp the ones who make unkind comments in their ”anonymous capacity”. I bet some of them have judged me in the past for changing usernames on forums even tho I always make it obvious it is me(and always tell people its me when asked).

    Hypocrisy galore or what?

  8. The irony is that as long as you do that(ie change nicks without telling people it’s you/make it obvious it’s you) then you ‘ll remain in kindergarten. Is that what you really want?

    Also, would you like it if you had your own blog and people came and posted anonymously esp if the comments were unkind? Or worse, would you like it if you were George and people posted anonymously on other people’s blogs and using that anonymity to trash you?

    Right now, I ‘ve got my issues with George. But if I have something to say, it’s only decent that I sign my name. And that’s what I do. Everyone here knows my real name is Pepi.

    Unfortunately, a lot of people in the GM community have no sense of fair-play.

  9. Pepi, I don’t think Remarkable has ever been particularly acerbic when writing about George or Kenny. He dislikes Andy Stephens for sure, though.

  10. Julie, I completely understand the Andy Stephens thing. Must ‘ve been real hard for Remarkable to have all those love letters returned.

    Speaking of Mr Stephens, what is his job description exactly? Isn’t he supposed to advise his client on single releases, single covers and the like? And what about Mr Lippman, was he the one who told George to strike that pose on the sofa? Did he ask him to look as pissed off as possible on purpose? I guess he did(Mr Lippman is well aware anger doesn’t do any favors to George’s face).

    He must adore George.

  11. Anonymous, I wasn’t picking on you particularly. Your posts make your identity blatantly obvious. No need to carry a banner.

    I don’t know what a bollegg is. My German is very poor. Same goes for your Greek.

  12. now before analyzing George´s face on the black couch, analyze first your changing nicks. Where is the point in changing YOURS?

  13. Do you ever take the time to read properly what other people have to say?

    I never said there’s a problem with people changing nicks. As long as you don’t use it to hide from others. I did it once too. In 2001/2002 I had more than one account on Aegean without announcing it to anyone. So yes, at the time I was being very *undercover*. At least, I didn’t know anyone personally at the time and noone knew me. A few months later, I realized how stupid and adolescent it was and when the new forums were up and running(summer 2002), I didn’t do it again. Since then, I just change nicks as a way to express different facets of my personality. Just for fun. No hiding from anyone. I think that should answer your question once and for all. If you want to carry on talking about it, you ‘ll have to find someone else to do it with.

    Now, back to George…Does he really want to make this track part of his future discography? I know he wants to take people to a higher ground with his music. I don’t think this song will achieve that in any way.

    Is it too late for him to reconsider?

  14. Oh, d@mn, I wasn’t logged in! Before making my first comment on this entry, I wanted to use the nick Serenity(which I had typed in the space above the message box) but then I logged in in my wordpress account and my username for that account is liberty. But just now I forgot to log in so the comment went thru with the original nick which was saved for some reason.

    Just making things clear since we ‘re in kindergarten here…

  15. Confessions On A Blog: Even tho Julie is cynical and often hard on people, even tho she considers me delusional etc, I ‘ve always liked her a lot.

    If I remember correctly, she’s Sadge. I ‘m Sadge Rising. Maybe there’s something in that. Maybe it’s written in the stars.

  16. More Confessions: I don’t particularly like Remarkable’s humor any more. But that entry about the soap opera…LOL. Maybe he could consider submitting a pilot episode to the BBC and who knows…

    Or maybe he should contact George and ask him to produce it himself. I can already see Mr Stephens as co-producer.

  17. I still dont like George Michaels.He has lost his Mojo.
    He is crap now.This tour will be the end of him.

    Thank you please.

  18. Liberty- Awwww…that’s sweet (and scary that you remember my sign). Whether or not you are delusional, I do think you spend way too much time worrying about George Michael. I also know that you probably don’t care what I think, and that how you live your life is none of my business.

    Louise- Why oh why are you here? Thank you please.

  19. Louise, I disagree. You don’t like him, and you don’t even know how to spell his name correctly.

  20. I do julia… GEORGE MICHAELS.

    Amazone ..people who are here, have nothing better to do.

    So dont worry.People who write blogs are proper sad buzzin'!

    Thank you please.

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