Magic Meets George Michael – Live Blog

Read all the details of the conversation between Neil Fox of Magic FM (NF) and George Michael (GM) here on Remarkable's Buzzin' Blog as it happens…

19:04 Careless Whisper playing


NF: Careless Whisper on Magic 105.4. Welcome George.

GM: Nice to see you again.

NF: This song (Careless Whisper), when and where did you write it?

GM: (George goes into autopilot answer) Blah blah… wrote it when I was 17 on the bus… blah blah… I remember it all

NF: How old were you?

GM: 17

NF: Wow! Now, did you drive?

GM: No. I've already been asked this twice. I swear, in the last week I've read six entirely fictional things about me. Some of them involving other celebrities. Amazing how much pure fiction there is. These days if your crime is anything other than rape, murder or paedophilia, I don't think people care.

GM: Imagine how much publicity I could get if I wanted.

NF: Might you hit a photographer? Why do they want to give you so much crap?

GM: Nooo, I wouldn't hit them. I don't think they know why they do it. I think I have good will from the public… unless the people I meet on the street are all lying to me. But they press having a go at me, it's a bit like scratching the paintwork on a fancy car.

19:12 Amazing plays


NF: Hello, it's Neil Fox. Talking about other people that voice their opinions of you. What about Elton? You've been friends for years.

GM: Uh-uh (sounding unconvinced)

NF: I'm sure all his comments are taken out of context.

GM: I don't think they are. I think that was all very harmful. But he didn't mean it. We didn't speak for a while, but it's all OK now. I'm not angry about it.

19:17 Don't Let The Sun Go Down plays

NF: You've been this character that's shunned publicity, do you think has that fuelled things?

GM: Yes. I think a lot of people appreciate that I don't hard-sell them. I've always felt the only way to maintain my position was to focus on the music. I genuinely feel that this new single makes me happy, and makes other people happy. The press is already getting bored with chasing me – it's fun for a couple of weeks, but it doesn't get them anywhere. I don't think people believe what they write, not deep down. Did you see that picture (with the hair missing)? I sat in front of the mirror for ten minutes trying to find the bald patch.

NF: Do they think they can just get away with it?

GM: They know I'm not going to sue them now. For years they thought I was litigious. After the Hyde Park incident though, they realised they could print anything. So, out came the crayons; it was like Baldy Biscuit George. I don't know what'll be next – double belly?

19:26 Flawless plays

19:31 Commercials


NF: The other new songs you talked about. What are they like? Are they uptempo dance numbers?

GM: One is a wonderful tribute to Paul McCartney. A remake of Heal The Pain. Hearing him sing it is such an honour. And it sounds perfect. Such a thrill for me. I think it's much better than the original. He plays bass (guitar) on the track. And in fact, when it came to recording the vocal, I had to leave the room. I can't tell Paul McCartney what to do! Also, I've written a track – it's going to be a song with Mutya from the Sugababes. She's done a guide vocal, and she sounds great. I've admired her for a long time – right from their (Sugababes) first album, I thought she was special.

NF: And is there a killer ballad?

GM: There are two. One is "Understand". The other is "This Is Not Real Love" with Mutya.

19:37 Heal The Pain (original version) plays.


NF: George Michael tells us about his brand new song (An Easier Affair)
GM: It's not really about being gay. It's about being anywhere outside the straight, while male business. If you're a black man who is crap at sport and doesn't sing; if you're a woman whose favourite colour is not pink and doesn't want to straighten her hair, this is for you. As for my sex life, all people need to know about my sex life is it's fantastic! This song is as positive about being on the outside of anything as it can be.

19:42 Easier Affair plays


NF: You touched on that you think you have a very special relationship with the public. That would explain how you sold out so many concerts so quickly.
GM: We've had sponsors come to us saying "we've done research" saying that I'm the number one artist people want to see live that they haven't seen before.  So I knew it would be a success. But Barry Marshall, the promotor, said it's the fastest selling in the 30 years he's been promoting concerts. That surprised me.  I'm touring because I feel strong enough to tour. And also because of guilt – that I might be wrapping up the commercial phase of my career… I feel I owe it to people. It deserves at least one tour.

NF: You look super-fit. Are you getting shape to the tour?

GM: I'm trying to. A treadmill is arriving at home tomorrow. I can't go to the gym because photographers chase me. I decided to use a gym right across the road from the house so I couldn't get out of going. But I can't now – it's like they expect me to crash between the house and going over the road! So the treadmill is coming.

GM: Actually, I'm in shock. I just found I'm not going to make much money from this tour. I just found out the set I'm designing with an amazing team of people is going to cost me 15 million pounds. We seriously underpriced the tickets.

NF: What can cost 15 million?

GM: You'll have to wait and see!

19:49 Father Figure plays


NF: Hello, it's Neil Fox. Is there a part of you that thinks ahead. You're doing this album and the tour. Are you already working on another album? What's next?
GM: No. I think beyond this may be free music on the Internet. Which absolutely horrifies everyone in my professional life! But, I do believe you can only be relevant for so long. There's only so much time you can do this without becoming a self-parody. I do think there's a time limit. I'll always write and sing. I don't necessarily want to part of the industry. I'm not a greedy man. I've had a incredible run of luck. I'd never have thought it would last this long. And… I don't want to be here when I *am* bald! So, sorry, you can't have a ticket Foxy, they've all gone. And there's no creche.

6 thoughts on “Magic Meets George Michael – Live Blog

  1. Thanks for this recap…the staion is unavailable to those of living outside the UK.

  2. Thanks for this recap…the staion is unavailable to those of us living outside the UK

  3. Do you know where can I get the lyrics for the new single “An easier affair”?? I’m from Mexico!!. Hope to see you in the 25 live tour!

  4. As much as I love the guy and have stood by him through all the scandal, the statement “We seriously underpriced the tickets.” is a bit of a low blow.

    I paid over £200 for a pair of tickets for the Birmingham NEC, direct from the box office. The most I have ever paid for a concert.

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