Another Made-Up George-Story In The Sun


In his new song, An Easier Affair, George Michael makes a reference to the not entirely truthful coverage he has been getting recently in the tabloid press, especially The Sun newspaper. "I've been getting too much Sun," he sings.

Well, they've done it again, and simply made up a story:

SINGER George Michael has hired a chauffeur after a spate of car prangs.

Campaigners had called for the multi-millionaire to stop driving after he had THREE car incidents in four months.

Now George, 42, has employed a driver to ferry him around London in his Range Rover.

He was seen leaving studios at Radio 1 and Radio 2 at the weekend after doing interviews.

An onlooker said: “A chauffeur might be expensive for George but probably not as much as his insurance.”

George had a prang earlier this month after falling asleep at traffic lights in Highgate, North London.

In April he was also accused of hitting three parked cars. And he was cautioned for drug possession after kipping at the wheel.

Oh please –SINGER George Michael has hired a chauffeur after a spate of car prangs." It's simply not true. This so-called "chauffeur" has worked for George for years.

What a pointless piece of writing. Not only is it fiction, it's not even interesting. The "journalist" that came up with this piece of rubbish is called Tony Bonnici, who seems to has been pointless articles for years. For exampe, in 2001, Tony wrote in the Daily Mail, "Luciano Pavarotti has ordered… vegetable broth served in glass soup bowls." Was this a true story? Probably not, judging by his latest work.

If I may offer you a little career advice, Tony – perhaps you should consider: a) not making stuff up, I don't think you have the imagination for creative writing; and b) try to make your articles interesting.   For example, in the above photo of George, he is clearly drinking a Starbucks Frappuccino.  You could have investigated exactly what type of Frappuccino that is.   I'm sure your readers would have been interested in that.

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