George Michael In New Couch Shock


As you can see from the picture above, pop superstar George Michael has bought a new couch to celebrate the release of his new single, An Easier Affair which is out at the end of June. In the shock move, his old white couch was tossed unceremoniously from his London office. A source close to the star said, "George has had enough of white furniture – it's just not practical with Geri's new baby, Bluebell Madonna set to be visiting on a regular basis. Black is so much easier to maintain. George thinks it's bad enough to have a baby with a silly name visiting, without it leaving dirty marks everywhere. Kenny is upset, because he thinks white is more romantic. However, George refuses to let Kenny get romantic about this – his favourite saying at the moment is – 'It's so much easier to live my life without taking other people's feelings into account.'"

A helpline has been set-up for George Michael fans who are traumatised by the change of couch. The helpline is said to be "coming soon", for an additional modest fee of $199, at the star's official fanclub, which you can join at his website –  George Michael commented, "I think they've seriously underpriced this helpline.  I'm a bit concerned I won't make any money on it."

2 thoughts on “George Michael In New Couch Shock

  1. For $199 I would create a whole new web site that even George would be able to maintain. lol

    With blog, guest book… in case he still “can’t f↓ckin’ type” I’d try speech recognition.😀

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