An Easier Affair – Musical & Lyrical References

The new George Michael single, An Easier Affair, seems to be a good choice to celeberate the successful sell-out of the European leg of his 25 Live tour, which in turn celebrates his 25 years in the music industry. Why? Because for the first time in one of his songs, George seems to be making both musical and lyrical references to some of his past hit songs, in a kind of musical celebration of the body of work he's amassed so far.

In the past, George has occasionally enjoyed playing with references to other people's songs, but An Easier Affair seems almost packed with references to his own songs. I'm hearing references in melody, arrangement, and lyrics to a number of songs, including Amazing, Fastlove, Freeek! and Careless Whisper.

How many can you spot?

2 thoughts on “An Easier Affair – Musical & Lyrical References

  1. Musically I associate it with: Everything She Wants, Precious Box, American Angel (and like you said Amazing and Freeek!).

  2. 110 % Georges. Plays itself both in music, and words. A full spectrum of refrens between 1983-2004. Technically ideal arrangement, the present technologies of a sound recording 2006. Unfortunately not absolutely strongly pronounced melody, the tightened couplet, but all is valid classics. In my opinion, here Georges at last has left from coma, it is exact. In a word, a juicy summer hit. The videoclip should be very thought over and road. More shortly, has heard to 20 times successively and each time cried. Excuse my english.

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