George Is Dancing With The Freeeks!

So – An Easier Affair. If you haven't heart it yet, you'll be wondering what it's like.

Well, as you might expect from the team who put this together (see previous blog entry), it's kinda like a cross between American Angel and Freeek! That is, a similar backing track to Freeek! except more summery with hint of Fastlove thrown in. The lyric is personal, about being gay, with a few witty digs about the press and his detractors thrown in for good measure.

Good on George for trying again with the Freeek! sound – that kind of music should win him a new audience. Wasn't sure about the lyrics at first – but after a few listens, they grow on you. With enough airplay, this could be a big hit – it certainly deserves to be. Definitely a grower!

4 thoughts on “George Is Dancing With The Freeeks!

  1. I’ll have to take your word for it until I hear it. Those lyrics seem pretty lame.

  2. They’re not supposed to be too deep, I don’t think. I think they work well in the context of the song – and the references to other songs, and double-meanings are kinda witty.

  3. Hmmmm…just listened to it. Not sure I like it…yet. It gets better towards the end, though. Btw, I think that one line is “What you sow is what you reap now”.🙂

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