An Easier Affair – Lyrics

My first-pass attempt at the lyrics from George Michael's new single – An Easier Affair below (may not be 100% correct).

An Easier Affair
by George Michael, Raudhri Cushnan, Kevin Ambrose & Niall Flynn

Here comes one for the ladies
For the ones who love me
To think I thought I could be some kind of family man
I told myself I was straight
But I shouldn’t have worried
‘Cos my Maker had a better plan for me

And I’m dancing with the freaks now
I'm havin’, I’m havin’ so much fun
What you sow is what you reap now
I’ll do my dance with everyone
I’ve been getting too much Sun
(Yes I’m dancin’ with the freaks now)
We’re havin’, we’re havin’ too much fun for them
Look who’s talking Guilty feet now…

Well let me tell you people
It’s an easier affair
Not living my life with other people on my mind
No, got nothing to hide from anyone
Yes, I’m walking on new air
Just living my life
Better believe I'm gonna get what’s mine
See I don’t have the time
For the haters

And all the time that I wasted
How careless of me
Too young and stupid to see
I put my life in their hands
(Gonna look for Cupid, man)
Oh, and I know that they want me to hate them
There’s no hurry
I’ll just have to be the bigger man

Dancin’ with the freaks now
I’m havin’, I’m havin’ so much fun
What you sow is what you reap now
I’ll do my dance with everyone
I’ve been getting too much Sun
If I turn the other cheek now
Would that be, would that be too much fun for them?
Look who’s talking
Guilty feet now…

Well let me tell you people
It’s an easier affair
Not livin’ my life with other people on my mind
No, got nothing to hide from anyone
‘Cos I’m walking on new air
Just living my life
Better believe I’m gonna get what’s mine
See I don’t have the time for the haters

Don’t let them tell you who you are is not enough
Don’t let them tell you that it’s wrong
Or that you won’t find love

Don’t let them use my life to put your future down
Don’t let them tell you that happiness can’t be found

For my life

Take it to the streets
There are stories you can keep
They’re just passing you by

Don’t let them tell you who you are is not enough
Don’t let them tell you that it’s wrong
Or that you won’t find love

Don’t let them use my life to put your future down
Don’t let them tell you that happiness can’t be found

76 thoughts on “An Easier Affair – Lyrics

  1. Good work Remarkable. If I may suggest a little ‘correction’ FREEEKS!😉

  2. well it looks like he dedicated the song to the women “for the ladies the one who love me….” but as he said ……. “cos my maker had better plan” so those ladies won’t ever get him lol.Well thank god my maker had a worse plan for me rofl .Anyway i really like the song what i was wondering is hasn’t george normal feet they are always guilty feet ?

  3. what can i say george show them whos the boss.roll on 26 another date in the life of me and george.everybody needs something to look forword too.

  4. Talking of lyrics: I love the way George swaps the naughty word f**k with ‘kiss’ (in Amazing: ‘…kiss as many as you want’) and he does it again now here twice, using the word ‘dance’ both times: ‘I’ll do my dance with everyone’ and ‘Dancing with the freeeks’. Clever George! Love it!

  5. I needed this beat now. The dude is great. Hope I catch him live.

    Don’t let them tell you who you are is not enough
    Don’t let them tell you that it’s wrong
    Or that you won’t find love

    Great words to live by.

  6. I’ve just finished listening to the song and reading this lyric.

    Well, George, what shall I say again? Obviously you seem to enjoy the process of being more and more boring by repating yourself all the time with all those well-known and predictible words and phrases that refer to your monotonious private life.
    Why don’t you ever keep your words and quit this business like you wanted to?
    On the other hand, you want to be in by all means without being able to follow the groove of today.
    Instead of wasting your time on spliffing most of the time, go to the CDs Shops and listen to the new groove.

  7. Ladies & Gentlemen……and the master of the crap and the worst of the year is…..

  8. Back with a fantastic upbeat single…can’t get enough of this tune..SUPERB!!!

  9. Hi Guys!
    I certainly loved the new single, as any of his songs… This is so him, and he doesn’t care about the ‘normal’ people. I’m pretty sure most of his fans can relate to what he says (and i’m not talking about gay thing), there are so many levels… And the music… I have no comment🙂

    Thank you George!

    If you don’t like it, you don’t have to listen

  10. You have to agree really? Everyone has an opinion and that is mine on Derek, just as he seems to have nothing good to say about George and his Music.

    Derek to answer you question..

    Ladies & Gentlemen……and the master of the crap and the worst of the year is….. Derek the Dickhead…

    Got a ring to it don’t you think?

  11. wat gaan mensen zeiken dat George altijd dezelfde muziek maakt.. hallo! hijs de beste!! ik snap echt niet dat mensen zijn muziek niet goed kunnen vinden..
    en deze nieuwe single is echt vet goed!
    k ben 16 jaar en opgegroeit met george michael muziek.. en hij is gewoon de allerbeste! in elk liedje herken ik wel iets van mezelf.. WAUW!

    george I lOve yOuuuuu !!


  12. Guilty feet, a reference to Careless Whisper; “Guilty feet have got no rhythm.” Guess he has rhythm now.

    Don’t worry about Derek, George was also repressed until he came out.

  13. I am a big fan of George, but this song seems (yet again) to be about coming out. I do love the song, but there must be a lot more that he could write about…! I would love for George to get to number one in the charts again and use that as a V’s up to the world. To keep singing about being so happy now that he has come out makes me suspicious whether he really is. Like the jilted lover who goes out and pretends that he doesn’t care and is moving on. As if he has something to prove.
    This is a great song and I am glad that George hasn’t put his feet up yet and I am looking forward to seeing him in November at Earls Court.

  14. Fantastic! like your first album! See you at Datch Forum Assago Milano!Bye Bye Rita 70 Bologna Italy

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  16. I dont know why since he came out he always write about his freedom and how happy he lives now…i mean…he dont need to write about these things…iam not saying to write about love that its the most common but to write about things that we can not suspect that he is gay…I think he should compose songs that could be writen by anyone…songs that we could hear without saying:-Thas a gay whos singing this…you know what i mean…He dont need to do this..we all know how talent he is…and how powerfull is his voice…althought i think thats a great song as usual i think he could write about others things….but you know…new songs are always new songs…and love this one very much…PS-Derek if dont like there is only a treatment..dont listen it…By the way i dont know how you stopped in this link…put your bullshits that you said in you ***…

  17. First play through have deja vu
    In rememberance of the total and utter dsappointment when hearing the first radio playing of too funky
    which came on the heels of lwpv1; the expectations were extremely high

    Waiting at the gate at barcelona airport yesterday i had a listen to club tropicana im your man freedom. They are bonafide classic pop tunes…

    As easy affair belongs in the same boudoir as fantasy and battlestations

    if you put on your shallow hat and forget how gorgeous and deep lwpv1 was 15+years ago and think about a guy you’re really into and you’re in essex on a Friday/Saturday night

    then on the third playing of an easy affair

    you kind of get it

    then again listen to this and then listen to ‘look at your hands’ hhmmmmmmmmmm

    embrace its disposability and you have a top summer track

    I guess its time to stop waiting for that day in the hope of a lwpv2 !!!!!!!!!

  18. Hi everyone,
    Italian fan here since “fantastic” days. No really long term firndship with any george’s adoring fan but i got a few all over the world. What do i think about “an easier affair”? well, as i cannot be objective cos i love george’s music so deeply, i would only say that he is in the right frame of mind again. Love iits lyrics here and music just cannot stop me from clapping in time. I am a musician, but mainly i am a singer too. Of course songs i play the the most are his and if i had to analize this song by it’s structure i could certanly say that it is a mature “everything she wants” style thing. Not talking about its harmony or music, only about structure. Don’t know if u get my poor english.
    I’ll explain it my way. Its structure is composed by a first line till “and i’m dancing with the freaks now” which is where the bridge starts. In everything she wants it would be when he sings “ooh-ooh-ooh- uh-uh-uh-uh-uh- do-do-do -la-la-la-la-la till “somebody tell me” which is the chorus. The difference between the two is that in easier affair, george extended the sang part in the chorus ( in everyhting she wants the chorus is only made by “Somebody tell me – why i work so hard for u”) which reminds me a little bit more as a Father figure’s chorus style with several lines that grow on u. Second verse is the same thing till when the song suddenly explode (when it says “don’t let them tell u who….) that reminds me the same structure used in Fast love (when it says ” In the absence of security…) or in everYthing she wants (when it shouts and then says “my situation never changes…) or in Star people’97 ( when it says “do u really think u’ve got it so hard…)
    I hope u won’t get this analysis of his new song as a cold way of listening to music, instead it is maybe it is my way of wondering how could he achieve such a great and never-failing shape of song that he keeps on improving over and over each time he compose one. I believe that the ones he calls HATERS soon realize and admit he’s the biggest pop composer and singer of his generation. He is a full artist, there is none who can match him in his so many talent. I am not gay, but i wish oneday i could shake his hand and tell him how much he gave to me with his music. Hope u all got what i wrote eheehh.

  19. WOW, i love georges new song and the video, i cant stop watching it am officially addicted to watching it!! I cant wait to see george in Dec, i have been a fan for about 12 years now.
    Can anyone tell me though what are the last words he says in the song? On the video he says something right at the end and i dont know what it is can anyone help its driving me mad!!!
    I love u george
    Jodie x x x

  20. Wonderful, loved the song and love George always. Beautiful voice and lyrics..

  21. I think it’s a great song! and who cares if he’s still singing about “coming out”! Maybe the more people hear about it, the more people will understand about it! (whishful thinking, i know)
    To JB: Please dont be so “average”, in today’s music EVERYONE sings about LOVE, which is great, but i think we need people like George, who sings about what other people is afraid to. Trust me JB, if you want songs about “other things”, just turn on the radio and you’ll find over 100 singers doing so. And Yeah we do want to hear songs and say ” hey this is a gay man or woman singing!” considering 98% of singers are straight! All im saying is, its great to have public people OUT!

  22. Gang,

    Thanks to whomever posted the lyrics. However, like Jodie’s posting on July 7th, I am a bit confused as to what George is saying in several parts of the song…

    “Don’t let them use my life to put your future down
    Don’t let them tell you that happiness can’t be found

    (WHAT IS HE SAYING HERE??? Something like ‘Sneeze & snooze – feel the both that I had in my life.’ WHAT IS HE SAYING HERE???)
    For my life

    Take it to the streets
    There are stories you can keep
    They’re just passing you by

    Don’t let them tell you who you are is not enough
    Don’t let them tell you that it’s wrong
    Or that you won’t find love

    Don’t let them use my life to put your future down
    Don’t let them tell you that happiness can’t be found

    (Repeats what he says earlier and a few other things.)”

    Does anyone know what he is saying at these 2 points in the song?

  23. “Don’t let them use my life to put your future down”

    I interpret that to mean, don’t let homophobes point to me and say, “See, gayness hurt his career, so it will yours as well.”

  24. To Lee Bryant
    Lyrics taken from Georges official site.

    Here comes one for the ladies,
    For the ones who loved me
    To think I thought I could be
    Some kind of family man
    I told myself I was straight
    But I shouldn’t have worried
    ‘Cause my maker had better plans for me!

    And I’m dancing with the freaks now
    I’m having, I’m having so much fun
    And if what you sow is what you reap now
    I’ll do my dance with every one
    (I’ve been getting too much sun)
    Yes I’m dancing with the freaks now
    (too much heat)
    We’re having, we’re having too much fun
    For them
    Look who’s talking guilty feet now

    (Then let me tell you people)

    Its an easier affair
    Not living my life
    With other people on my mind
    No, I’ve got nothing to hide –
    To hide from anyone

    Yes I’m walking on new air
    Just living my life
    Better believe I’m gonna get what’s mine
    See I don’t have the time
    For the haters

    And all the time that I wasted,
    How careless of me,
    Too young and stupid to see
    I put my life in their hands
    (when you gonna look for cupid man?)

    Oh and I know that they want me to hate them
    There’s no hurry, no no
    I’ll just have to be the bigger man, you see

    And I’m dancing with the freaks now
    I’m having, I’m having so much fun
    And if what you sow is what you reap now
    I’ll do my dance with every one
    (I’ve been getting too much sun)
    If you turn the other cheek now
    (too much heat)
    Could there be, would there be too much fun
    For them,
    Look who’s talking guilty feet now

    (And let me tell you people)

    It’s an easier affair
    Not living my life
    For the people on my mind
    No, I’ve got nothing to hide,
    To hide from anyone

    ‘Cause I’m walking on new air
    Just living my life
    Better believe I’m gonna get what’s mine
    See I don’t have the time
    For the haters!

    Don’t let them tell you who you are is not enough
    Don’t let them tell you that its wrong and that you won’t find love
    Don’t let them use my life to put your future down
    Don’t let them tell you that happiness can’t be found

    Sticks and stones won’t kill the boner that I have
    For my life
    Gonna take it to the streets
    Fairy stories you can keep
    They’re just passing me by

    Don’t let them tell you who you are is not enough
    Don’t let them tell you that its wrong or that you won’t find love
    Don’t let them use my life to put your future down
    Don’t let them tell you that happiness can’t be found

    And I’m loving it
    Every day of it
    Every day’s just the way I want to live
    And my heart is full
    And I know for sure
    Love will always win

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  26. I really love Georgie!He is the best singer and song writer in the world!!!!!!All his songs are fantastic and of course he is brilliant too !

  27. Lee –

    You have to remember that he has had a lot of problems with drugs and sleeping around with many people. So I’m guessing he meant that line literally.

    I live in the United States and I can say that a lot of people here see guys like him and think that is what it must mean to be gay – I know, the blinders are on all the time – but it tends to leave a bad taste in people’s mouths.

    When the rest of us try to come out, we are told that we’ll be alone all our lives and will never find love (and we’ll possibly turn to drugs). So I love that line above all the others – “Don’t let them use my life to put your future down!”


    No really guys, you’re too cruel to Derek, this poor guy didn’t say anything wrong, myself I’ve been one of George’s biggest fans, and still I think he has stopped rising after some period in his life. He doesn’t agree he’s getting older, and still fights for nobody knows what… Isn’t it obvious how he still worries to be a gay? Would a satisfied man shout 24/7 how happy he is?
    I mean, I think he’s confused about which way to go and he’s trying many ways… Only he could be the best jazz or morna or I don’t know what, ANY style singer, but he has chosen sharing his life which doesn’t interest us in the sense of art: we need a QUALIFIED music which he CAN perform but he DOESNT!

    Do you hear anything in this song of REAL George Michael? If it wasn’t him to sing this song it’d be a lost average singer, now his name only makes you say the song’s good: just a common bullshit! Oh yeah, I’m a gay, f**k you all, I am happy!!! Like Eminem, no respect… The clever expression in his eyes doesn’t let him sing such cheap songs… If you don’t love George than it’s a common song but when you do you have a nausea hearing it..

    George, if at earlier age you had a chance to see you today wouldn’t you be ashamed? I don’t speak of moral, I speak of art…
    So I’m still sure this is NOT GEORGE MICHAEL, I WANT THE REAL ONE BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Then I’ll tell you thanks for being my number 1!

  29. @Derek_Advocate

    Wow, and I thought I was the only one… This song is so toxic, it’s like musical cancer… Sometimes I think the real George has been abducted by aliens…

  30. …I remember throwing away all his records after I had the first listen… Haven’t owned a single George track since then.

    I actually dreamt of him the other day… he looked upset in the dream- maybe he actually is…

  31. Yeah sure… it’s so obvious. Seems he doesnt believe himself singing optimistic songs.. But the sad fact is that many of his songs are like this one in Patience… Let’s just hope some day he’ll be… back?! I dont want to think it’s over.

  32. Calliope,

    … and good that you’ve had enough strength to throw his records away! I still suffer not knowing whether to hate him or adore😦

  33. @Derek_Advocate

    It’s not about singing optimistic songs… It’s about singing honestly. I only listened to Feeling Good once just now and it’s like the voice is really strong but empty. This man has been on so many drugs/meds throughout his life, how can you expect him to express anything real anymore. But I did have that expectation of him, I mean to stay away from all substances… Cause if you ‘re an artist, you owe that to your soul & your craft… And your audience… He’s been a complete disappointment in that way… in other ways too but the music, why did he have to mess with that? Why couldn’t he go to rehab… It doesn’t solve all your problems but it would have been so much more honest of him… Or even better, he could have locked himself up at home for a few months and confront those demons. It’s not like he had to hold down a 9-5 job…

  34. Throwing his records away didn’t take much strength from me. He made it so d@n easy, you see.

    Patience… very uneaven album… I ‘ve only listened to the whole thing once.

    I ‘ll have to come back to this at another time… Gotta run for my class now.

  35. You don’t know whether to hate or adore him you say… And you suffer over it? You express yourself rather strongly… Has he been so important to you?

    The truth is I used to feel very strongly about him, both the music and him as a person. Which means that I experienced the disappointment in a deep way. And yes, I have hated him at times…even as recently as Christmas 2007… I heard this story about him… I won’t go into details but if it it is true, he’s an a$$hole through and through and I feel sorry for Kenny. If it’s not, then the person who told me needs urgent help.

  36. Oh but I’ll need the story then!! Please share it briefly, if you don’t want to speak of it openly I may give my email address as it interests me! Actually I don’t think I’ll be too much surprised as since former times he used to spoil all the good impression that one could have of him… once there was another story on his official website, when he was suggesting a night with him and Kenny! I just don’t understand if one has to be so much immoral if he’s already “suffering” one from nature.

    My problem’s that I began loving him at teens (dangerous age!) and let his character too close to my heart, and used to consider him an idol. And when his story opened in 1998 I was in a shock which is hard to describe, I was feeling nausea as the one I loved appeared to be opposite to my principles which were too strict and “old-fashioned” on the moment.

    Since then I got paranoia on this subject: hate him or justify, but day by day he was doing more and more “mistakes” to drive me to the first feeling. For a long time I stopped listening to his fantastic songs of youth which brought a real pain, though it’s a shame for me to confess as I consider me a serious person: and once I heard the song Freeek!, not knowing first that its him to sing, I loved it, the melody and a part of lyrics seemed to flow from my heart, and when I knew it’s his new single I was kind of happy and back to the previous depressive state of mood at the same time.

    And yet, I’d very like to clarify for myself, ‘put’ him in my file of good or bad persons. All the time he does what I hate, sings cheap songs, behaves like a hopeless depressed, who you don’t even hate but feel sorry for… and meanwhile I see and read articles about him where they describe his “tough look” or share his thoughts which again remind me of George that I used to love… So I really cant define this person, and it doesn’t have anything to do with him, its only my problem to be solved. At a carnival in our university I “was” George Michael and everybody recognized him in me, and I very liked to be him as I could feel and show the familiarity that I really get towards this person… regardless the fact that I’m female…

    And in a way I can understand people of art: myself write poems and publish, so I understand that creating people can loose their heads sometimes and do mistakes which “average” people wont do: but the strength of a soul is to try to avoid such mistakes for the sake of yourself, your art and people around.
    And I’m more than sure that he knows this himself. BUT!!!….

  37. Thanks for sharing, Derek_Advocate. I ‘m sorry you feel so disappointed too… I totally understand where you ‘re coming from and I wish I could say something to make it OK for you but right now I can’t think of something… Though as you say, at the end of the day, if a person disappoints you, then it is something to deal in oneself first and foremost…

    About that story, I really cannot talk about it. If it is true, then I don’t want to be the one to expose him- let him do it himself in his autobiography…(I still can’t believe he ‘s writing one… I guess when he was writing Star People he was thinking of himself…)… If it is not true, it would be terrible for this to come out and people start speculating… But as you say, even if it were true, you wouldn’t be surprised… Me neither… That in itself is very upsetting…it means there’s a place in me where I have given up on George… and wish I could go back in time in order to erase him from my life… But there is another place in me where I feel more hopeful… not in resurrecting what I felt for him, that could never happen… it is like that beauty I experienced was set in a different life…… but maybe one day he snaps out of it and he admits to all the BS that he can’t now (because his ego won’t let him)… though not in an autobiography… Then I may be able to feel repect for him again… and even admiration although that would take a miracle…

    What upsets me greatly in the way I have experienced my connection to him is that he ended up becoming this person that brings out the worst in me… When I feel negative about him, it often infiltrates the rest of my life… I so wish I could stop that.

    P.S: It is interesting that you used the word “cheap” in connection to An Easier Affair. Yes, more than anything, it is a cheap song- the video even more so. Not only doesn’t he understand that but he keeps reproducing it… on stage and in the 25LIVE album…

  38. 🙂 you say you cant say anything to make it ok for me but you already did too much! Just realizing there’s somebody to share my opinion is so great and therapeutic😉 on some expressions you use I want to cry out “me too, me too!” for example where you say “this person that brings out the worst in me” or “when I feel negative about him, it often infiltrates the rest of my life” haha, me too, especially in younger ages, it seemed all my life has to be arranged according to his steps: I needed him to suit my plans and values😉 quite funny isn’t it? May be this is to be a fan which I always thought I cant do…
    Only unlike you, I never think I can respect him again, as to get my respect back he needs to marry and have a lot of children😀, or the love of life must burst out of him and he must be honest (or may be this is already too honest, don’t you think?); if you knew how I wished to hear one day that he’s appeared to have a cute family and a wonderful wife while all this “blue stuff” is just to get recognition…🙂 poor me…!

    And yet, Im very thankful to you to open my eyes on many things. And also thanks to Remarkable to give different people opportunities to share thoughts and feel better.

    Now I think I get one more friend in your person:-) Especially if you’re Greek (guess by your name) as I really love Greece!!! George motherland, hem…??

  39. Hey, listen, I ‘m sure you already know this but no harm in reminding you… there are always positives in every situation… I ‘m sure if you take the time to consider all aspects of this, you will find good things that came to you through this love you had for him… It’s very easy to get totally negative about it… especially if something extends in time… Personally, I don’t have much faith in George himself right now and that’s OK… because there was a time that I had more faith in him than I had in myself… so now, afer all the disappointments and maybe just to get the balance right, I have more faith in me and the situation itself… and everytime, I allow myself to experience that faith, then I can recognize the good things that happened to me through this emotional journey… Like on George’s forums, I met someone who ended up becoming one of my best friends… and then through George(sort of) another two guys came into my life… one that fuelled my creativity last year and and another that… well, I don’t know how to define it yet… He’s a kinda kindred spirit in many ways… and that is very important to me… I need people with whom I feel this kind of kinship because I often feel I landed on the wrong planet!… but also, he’s someone that makes me laugh and even more importantly, he makes me smile… I ‘m not in love with him but I do fancy him big time so who knows… if he plays his cards right… or rather, if it’s written in the stars… So there, there is always light at the end of the tunnel!

  40. Oh great for you!!! So you’ll be able to thank George at the end?!🙂 As for me I’d prefer my boyfriend to be too far from this subject and open for me another “planet”! A bad sign to start a relationship over a person who’s been a reason of bad emotions… or may be a chance to forgive that person? Ooooooooooooooooooh, I don’t know. Let it be GREAT at the end of the tunnel, of course!!!

  41. My previous post was meant to be read before yours… guess we were both online typing away at the same tim but you got there first…;)

    Well, in many ways, it would be perfect if George somehow led me to someone who ended up being my true love… and yes, of course I would thank him personally if I ever met him. Anyway, we ‘ll see… for the time being, I know this guy puts me in a good mood with whatever he does/says. I also know I need to be in love again.

    So George has to marry and have lots of kids in order for you to gain respect in him again? So how many kids,is five enough?? LOL!

    Actually, I ‘ve always felt that George wanted that deep down… typical Cancerian in that respect… Strange that I used to feel he was the perfect guy for me as I never really wanted kids… and as for marriage… again, very ambivalent about that too… My idea of happiness always revolved around being Miss Indiana Jones… only with stilettos and better grooming…lol… It ‘d be ideal to find someone who wanted to be my best friend cum lover… and have the same passion for adventure and travelling and uncovering ancient mysteries… oh, and a bit of actual time travelling in between… being stuck in one timeline can be sooo boring!

    You know, at times when I felt George and I are so different, I wanted to pair him off with an actress…LOL! For some reason, I felt an actress would be the perfect partner for him… but someone with real depth… someone who was in it for the joy of acting and not the celebrity culture… Unfortunately, all possible candidates I was thinking years ago are married now… Well, I ‘m sure he ‘ll find the one if he decides to give a woman a real chance… and yes, hopefully she’ll be cute and truly wonderful. But he needs to be the same to her. But what about Kenny? Even if they have some kind of an agreement between them(sometimes it feels that way…), I still feel very upset about how he tried to convince everyone they were due to get married and has now retracted. I find that very serious and it says a lot about a man’s character.

    Yes, I ‘m Greek! How about you?😀

    By the way, Greece is George’s fatherland, not motherland😉 although some Greek-Cypriots prefer being known as Cypriots, full-stop(due to political reasons that would require too much typing for me to explain)… not sure what where George’s family stand on that…

  42. Oh, no, too much posting again…

    To be honest, even though some good things have happened to me as a result of this emotional journey, I don’t want anything from George directly, especially if that story is true. In fact, if it is true, I don’t want to see his face or hear his name ever again.

  43. Oh thank you for the long reply, adore reading long mails!!😀 Well, it’ll need a lot of comments…
    First, thanks for the dogs’ information :-S… I thought they could be nice women, Abbey and Meg, and some day both guys would fall in love with them and stay friends! But I think those wishes are too far from realty now, as I have already put George in my file of “wrong people with some depth and treats of right people”, not too clear enough but better than hanging over!
    But our plan to marry George with a good woman could lead to his personal happiness🙂 sorry Kenny! Haha, and truly I don’t think Kenny’s hurt about anything concerning George’s decisions, as they may do everything together to gain more noise around their name: and Kenny’s co-acting in it, I’m sure. You never know… Why would he be hurt because of that?! Is marriage really something so important for them? Hem, I doubt… to be true, I was a bit happy to hear he cancelled their “marriage” as it meant at least once he’s kept a away from being in the centre of everybody’s attention, I respect that! In real, marriage would give them nothing new only noise and interviews in some expensive journals…
    Now about life plans… well, I’ve always thought I have to have kids… at least just to realize as a woman and to feel that miracle in me… You say you’d like to uncover mysteries, but isnt this the main mystery on earth, bearing life, another human being in yourself? I don’t know, I think each woman has to be a mother, what else could be more interesting for her during her life? From another point of view, its like “never dying”, you’re continuing in your baby, having a chance to teach him everything you know and learn from him things you could never know… But Miss Indiana Jones, hem, nice choice! And I very much understand this wish to travel… But I don’t travel much.
    I live in Armenia, heard of us?!:-) First nation to accept Christianity as a state religion. I know there’s a community in Greece, Salonika, where live a lot of Armenians. My dad was saying there’s been a part of Armenians mixed with Greeks though I don’t know if they still exist. Anyway, besides George I got another “fantasy”, wont write his name, but a cute man… guess he was from the “Greeks’ village” that we have here, was very charming and spoke fluent Armenian…. Ah, anyway!
    So we’re the “golden middle” between Asia and Europe: most of the things in here are based on these two cultures and it raises a lot of difficulties in everyday life. For example, everybody knows how fine it is to travel but if a girl would travel on her own, everybody would say “hem… what a bitch!” And yet, they would be proud of their daughter if she went abroad to study… So many things needing to be completed yet… Guess we’re divided into two parts and you cant ever please both. Plus, the influence of ex Soviet Union, from which we parted in 1991, means something gained from Russia too. So I mean we’re not so “easy” in many things as Europe and not so “hard” as Asia..
    Ha-ha, and this distance and difference of mentalities makes me wonder how one person can unite those! Weird, really weird that people living in places divided by huge territories can think the same and see the same dreams… By the way, you once said about your dreaming of George… I dreamed of him too, long before, he was driving a car and I was sitting next to him… haha, so funny, as he was speaking the common Armenian language!!!
    And yeah, I knew his dad’s from Greece, I just used the different word. By the way, I think physically he very much reminds his mom! Don’t you think?
    Ok, I think I’d better leave… Many things in my reply have nothing to do with George and Im afraid Remarkable will delete me :-S
    So leaving, waiting for visiting this site soon!!
    P.S. Had never thought of George like a Cancerian, my fault!🙂

  44. You ‘re so sweet… I wasn’t planning to post again after last night’s post but I saw your post this morning and I didn’t want you to think I went away and abandoned you. Maybe we can exchange proper emails if you like, though I wouldn’t advise you posting your email address here.

    Regarding George, I think it’s crystal clear from my previous posts he’s not my favorite person in the world right now and hasn’t been for some time. Whether he marries a man or a woman or even stays in this weird relationship with Kenny, it’s not my concern anymore. Actually, I don’t even think he’s in a position to get married at this point… too many issues that he refuses to address honestly so what good could he be to another person especially one who’s looking for sacredness, intimacy, tenderness and respect… The whole thing he did with annoucing his marriage to Kenny then retracting… I ‘m sorry but as far as I ‘m concerned, he totally blew it. But you know, I ‘m not defending Kenny either… The way I see it, if he had any self-respect, he would have left George a long time ago… Maybe he’s just very shallow… maybe they ‘re both very shallow… I mean, their idea of depth in a person is Geri Halliwell… And as for artistic taste, looking at some of their choices for their gallery/foundation, don’t get me started!

    Oh, but see, I ‘m getting negative again. I ‘d rather we stopped talking about George cause I can’t make any genuinely positive comments right now. I so wish I could.

    So you ‘re Armenian! It’s great to meet someone from your part of the world, never been there but I ‘d love to go one day. You ‘re absolutely right about it being a very interesting blend of cultures. But hang on, did you just say that if a girl travels on her own, people in your country consider her a slut? I may have to stay away then… cause I ‘ve traveled on my own quite a bit!

    There are many Armenians in Greece and not just in Salonica, we seem to share certain traits though Greece is much less of a traditional country these days.

    This is a sensitive subject with any Armenian but if I may ask, how do people feel about the genocide these days?

    Also, how do they feel generally about Russia and the ex-Soviet Union… Do they miss any of that status quo?

    Yes, you are right, we are abit off topic now and Remarkable may delete these posts at any time. He has an entry called “Off-Topic Conversation” or something but it’s gotten too long and fragmented… Maybe he could consider starting a new one or maybe we could consider leaving… I must say, I wish he would explore some sociopolitical themes in his entries sometimes… There’s so much going on in the world right now and this blog has such an international readership…

  45. Oh, there you are! Thanks Remarkable, as I mentioned, I feel that entry got too fragmented… You know what it is? The whole point of off-topic conversation is that it follows from “a” topic… and it becomes exciting because of that, at least to me. But if you wish to keep things very orderly here, I can understand you insisting. Which probably means I will stop posting altogether… cause I just can’t stay with one topic for too long!

    Derek_Advocate, do you have an account on GMF? I don’t right now but I could contact you through a friend’s account. If not, nice chatting with you! Take care!

  46. I don’t think it matters in this case – it’s an old thread. People tend to get upset only when current discussions get taken off-topic.

    Of course, the off-topic conversation thread is always available for anyone that wants to use it.

  47. Well, I understand Remarkable’s position, I’d be rather strict unlike him, but anyway thanks a lot. Truly Im usually far from internet stuff and never joined any forums, and when I entered this site by chance just to clarify something in the “An Easier Affair” lyrics, I wouldnt think I would find someone who thinks like me, so this is really a good way to know people, so once again, Remarkable, thank you! This “toast” doesnt mean Im not going to visit this site any more😉 only I’ll suggest you, Calliope, an email address which I’ll delete later and will write you from my real address.
    No, Im not registered in GMF, and truly, Im not going to be, so I think it’ll be just fine to exchange emails sometimes. Dont you agree?

    So this is it “”.
    I got a lot of comments on your reply, but I’ll leave them for email.😀

    So good luck everyone!
    Good luck George Michael, my ex-idol!!! :-xxx I wish I could ever be able to understand your type of man..! April 1st joke, hem…

  48. Oh just to be precise… the email address is ‘lusavor-zero-8’ not ‘lusavor-o-8’..!

  49. @Remarkable

    Thank you for the older threads option, it’s always nice to have one.

    @ Derek_Advocate

    Yes, Remarkable is performing a public service here, he could soon have his own social networking site!😉

    Thanks for the address, I ‘ve just sent you an email.

  50. @Derek_Advocate

    Speaking of the Greek Armenian bond… guess what I discovered a few days ago!

    Before I tell you, do you know Kars & its long history down the ages?

  51. Of course I do!!! But… truly I dont remember Greek story with it…. Yeah, please tell me, better by email, I just sent you a reply… on “that story”….

  52. Oh, thank you for announcing to the world the title of my last email…!!!

    No worries, I ‘m glad I finally told someone, I just needed the feedback. I will reply to that one properly when I have more time- strictly by email.

    As for the Kars connection, there’s a short & a long version… Short version I can tell you here now: I found out only a few days ago that my paternal grandfather was born in Kars. He lived there with his family(both parents Greek) until the age of 9 when they were pushed out by the Turks. That’s whn they came to Greece. I was never particularly close to him, unfortunately… he died in the 90s unexpectedly and he had never spoken to me about his childhood. Maybe that’s why I only knew that he was born somewhere in Caucasus… though I never realized how close his actual hometown was to Armenia!

    I read up on Kars the other day… Apparently there have been Greeks living in the area since the 6th(possibly earlier) century B.C! I ‘ve always been particularly drawn to the Central Asia area… I’ll definitely visit all these places someday… including Samarkand and Tashkent…

    And that was only the short version…😉

  53. 🙂 Thanks a lot! You made me wish to re-read the history of those times! So I will.
    It means we’re ethnically close… Remember I told you you remind me my friend from Switzerland? So her grandpa was from Armenian lands too… though it was her maternal grandpa. And born from Armenian parents…

    Hey, no one would guess “that story” was the title of your email if you didnt tell it…! Especially when “that story” was about some memories from your childhood😉

    Anyway, I just got an email from George Michael’s fan club, they’re suggesting me again a ticket for his concert in US… Eheheh… If I lived in US it’s be no problem, but now… though my brother will be in NY in July but I dont think this is an opportunity to be there too.
    I’m really sorry… I’d very like to be present and see him performing.😦
    I’m loosing my chance…

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