Blame It On The Sun? Or Blame It On George?

So… what's the cause of the breakdown of the Heather Mills/Paul McCartney marriage?   Well… according to the News Of The World today, one reason was Heather's jealousy over Macca's friendship with one George Michael…

Heather, 38… FLEW into jealous rages over his friendship with George Michael—urging her husband to stop seeing his pal… Rows broke out when she tried to pick and choose his friends. Our source revealed: "A few months ago Paul and George Michael were very pally and spent time in the studio together. Heather was furious.

"She was jealous of their friendship —and hated it because she knew George was a drug user. She made Paul take Beatrice along to the studio with him just to be obstructive."


5 thoughts on “Blame It On The Sun? Or Blame It On George?

  1. That’s just about the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. You don’t want your husband hanging out with a druggie, but since you can’t stop him you send your baby daughter out to join them?

  2. I just was about to leave, but i stay only for the respect of Re. Otherwise there would be not more reason to stay in those community because of “some”.

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