George Will Make A Stella Godfather

Looks like George Michael has agreed to be Godfather to Geri Halliwell's baby daughter (who may or may not be called Stella). He's set up a half-million pound trust fund for the baby too, which could grow to be worth several million pounds by the time Stella turns 18 or 21.

Lucky girl!

UPDATE: Kenny will be Godfather, not George. 

10 thoughts on “George Will Make A Stella Godfather

  1. £500K…I can’t even be bothered to swear.

    Then again…. FUCKING HELL!

    George, is this the way to spend the money that your fans are trying to put together (with hard work and great difficulties) in order to be able to buy tickets for your new Tour??


  2. @AA – It’s George. Apparently. But we’ll see…

    @MissFreeek – Of course it’s the way to spend money. George’s fans will kindly be giving George 20-30 million pounds for his European tour. He can afford to set-up little Stella properly.

    Of course, she may turn out to be a complete nightmare of a spoilt little brat. Hopefully, though, as Godfather, George will act as a positive male role model in the girl’s life.

    Let’s hope he’s not always higher than a child should see… forgive him…

  3. Yes, she does. This is how it works: people with plenty of money usually hang out with people with plenty of money. So the people with plenty of money give plenty of money to their friend’s babies, who will turn out to have plenty of money!

    Any clearer now?😉

  4. Anyway what is a half million? For some it is nothing…They will stay the same. See it also from that side.

  5. Please can you be my Godfather George? I’m the only person in my entire family who was wasn’t baptised. :o(

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