Did George Attend Geri’s Baby Shower?

Yesterday afteroon, there was a nice afternoon tea party held for Geri Halliwell at the London home of George Michael and Kenny Goss. Everyone was there… except maybe for George?

That’s because yesterday afternoon, one George Michael was attending the last ever football match at Arsenal’s Highbury stadium.

So, the burning question is: did George rush back after the football, to put in appearance at Geri’s Baby Shower? Or did George “get stuck in traffic” and miss the whole thing?

Well of course he attended!

Is there a time for football and babies
A time for drinking tea
Is there a time for party planning
To find the right balloons and cake

Here George comes
Heads turn around
Here he comes
To the baby shower…

7 thoughts on “Did George Attend Geri’s Baby Shower?

  1. LOL! Well… elaborating on “get stuck in traffic”… I dunno. The phrase “ass with a mind of its own, bring something to the party” comes to mind…

  2. @ Remarkable: yes, lol! Or perhaps: ‘…so why don’t we make a little room in your AHR* babe…’ (*AHR = Arsenal Hospitality Box)

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