The Best Thing About The Parkinson Interview

By all accounts, George put on an impressive defense concerning recent allegations that his use of cannabis is out of control, and that he hasn't felt so happy in years. He says that the accident on Easter Sunday was nothing more than a parking accident; and that he fell asleep at the wheel simply because he was tired.

There's clearly a huge gulf between what the press has been saying about his life, and what George is saying about his life.   The reality of George's life is probably something in between what the papers are reporting, and what George says.   After all, to listen to George, anyone would think he led the purest of lives; hardly ever smokeing cannabis and not spending his free time having sex with male prostitutues.  All of which he's previously said he does, to excessive levels

Having said all that, though, George's robust defense is possibly the best thing about this interview.  Why?  Because it shows that, no matter what his life is like, he still has the ability to get his act together when it counts and defend himself.   And the truth is, he wouldn't be touring if he didn't feel better than he has done in a while.

There is still the issue of the quantity of his output. There will be four new tracks on his new Greatest Hits album.  Possibly less than four new songs, if one of these tracks is the re-recording of Heal The Pain he did with Paul McCartney. George finished recording Patience in January 2004, so these four new tracks will represent the output of about two and a half years of work.  It will be interesting to see if George puts any new B-sides on the singles released from the new album, or if he is saving up tracks for a completely new album to follow after what should be a revival in interest in George Michael after he gets back on the road.  Only time will tell on that one.
Overall, there seems to be a new air of professionalism about the whole "George Michael Operation", which is presumably the result of having Lippman in charge.  We'll know just how professional, if Lippman can sort out the issue of George working in US, after getting a police record for drug possession.  And, the truth is, George wouldn't have re-hired Lippman if he wasn't serious about reviving his career around the world, including the US.

6 thoughts on “The Best Thing About The Parkinson Interview

  1. I think it’s really lame that he’s blaming Elton for his ‘soap opera’. He’s such a f*cking victim.

  2. Hi Julie, did you see it? I didn’t but I dont think it sounds like he was blaming Elton, just that ever since Elton said he was unhappy people think he IS unhappy! I expect that sort of thing can follow you around a bit. I don’t think he’s blaming Elton for the two car incidents or anything!! But I’ll have to wait till Saturday to be more sure about what I think he meant.

    Must say I half agree with you about the victim thing sometimes though😦

  3. I saw a bit of Parky on the ITV Lunchtime News. George did indeed blame Elton for starting this whole ‘What the heck is George Michael up to? What a reclusive he is, let’s all feel sorry about him’ thing.

    I have to say that it was hard to concentrate on what he was actually saying, as he looked SPECTACULAR and sexier than I’ve seen him in many many years!

    And don’t even get me started on that voice and that accent… Omg, still drooling here!

  4. No, Laura, I didn’t see the interview. I’m just going by what I’ve read. George has a tendency to blame other people and/or things for the drama that is his life.😉

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