George’s Soap Opera

Every artist has a soap opera. This is George's.

*warning – spolier alert*

It has just been revealed that in a forth-coming episode of the soap opera, "GeorgeMichaelEnders", George will be seen kissing bad boy Grant Mitchel in the cellar of local pub, "The Queen Flask". George's boyfriend, Kenny "Beale" Goss, will walk in on them, but George and Grant will break apart quickly, so that Kenny doesn't suspect anything.

In a related scene, we see Kenny's daughter Abbey, fighting over a toy World War 2 model aeroplane with George's daughter Meg.

Later in the same episode, we will see George's manager Jake Lippman shoot his half-brother Danny Stephens dead. Lippman will then take control of all George's affairs, including the one with Grant.

"It should be an exciting couple of weeks on GeorgeMichaelEnders!", said Connie Filifowler, who works in Mr Panayiotou-Papadopoulos's public laundrette.

11 thoughts on “George’s Soap Opera

  1. Lmao!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And what about the scene where George is nicked by the Metropolitan Police while trying to break into Elton Cotton’s house from a back window, and trying to replace Elton’s own CDs collection with The Complete George Michael Anthology?

  2. LOL!

    That’s a good one! Of course, it’s Elton Brannon thee days, not Elton Cotton.

    Personally, my favourite storyline from George’s Soap Opera was when Yioda Mitchell buried Dirty Ridgeley in the cellar of the Queen Flask.

    BTW, I wonder what that Melanie Slater is going get up to with young Brad-Lee Brannon. Brad-Lee has just been axed from the show – and the rumour is that they’ve written an exit where Melanie swallows him whole.

  3. Lol!!!!!!!!! This is totally hilarious! Your best blog entry EVER! Can't breathe!!!!!!!!!! Lmao!!!!

    Of course, Brad-Lee was never up to standards, was he? Melanie Slater was dying for action and how did Brad-Lee respond? 'Melanie, darling, come and see this website re-style. Isn't it the most exciting thing *ever*?'

  4. I could also tell you about that time when Melanie Slater was begging for more and Brad-Lee couldn't cotain his excitement: 'Melanie, sweetie, come and look at my new Flash page I just made!'

    But I won't go there!

  5. What happend to the episode where George morphes into elton “dot” Cotton/Brannon and decides he wants a drivers licence and subesequently uhm has a minor “parking accident” :)?

  6. The possibilities are endless.

    I quite enjoyed it last night when George Mitchell encouraged little Ben-AndyStephens to write on his bedroom wall and when Kenny Mitchell popped upstairs and discovered the mess, he got off his trolley and put naughty Ben-AndyStephens in the Queen Flask’s cellar to reflect on his wrong doings and shaking with fear (yes I know, Ben-AndyStephens is not exactly the latest of the courageous, lol!) at the possibility of becoming the new Dirty-Ridgeley to rest under the concrete floor…

  7. LOL! Hold your horses! I'm getting confused with the characters now (although that's not unusal in soap – continuity isn't a strong suit). Danny Stephens is dead! So I'm not sure we're allowed Ben-Andy Stephens! LOL! Especially given that, prior to this, Ben was called Meg! It's all so confusing!

    BTW – I just discovered the reason Brad-Lee was axed from the show. Turns out, he ran over little Betty Halliwell in George's Range Rover (which he wasn't supposed to be driving). The high-impact accident smashed the front headlight on the car. Connie Filifowler was REALLY angry when she found out, and phoned up the Daily Mail and The Mirror to get them to put untrue stories about George in the papers.

    Of course, it's all started to get out of hand now, with George blaming that nice new Dr Elton, who has just moved into Highbert Square Village. Dr Elton is really angry – "I didn't run Betty over and smash the car", he said – I hope he doesn't start beating the crap out of Little Mo Furnish in his rage; she's had a tough enough time of it – and they'd be getting on so well (although I suspect he might be gay, so it'll all end in tears anyway).

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