George Admits Crashes, Waits Days To Give Statement

George Michael has admitted to police that he was at the wheel of his Range Rover on Easter Sunday morning when the car was in collision with multiple parked cars. Reportedly, George will give a statement to police within the next few days.

Let's hope George is in a good state of mind. We'll have the answer soon. The Parkinson show is being recorded on Thursday. Will George do a great interview, and a great live performance? Or will he be a no-show?

I understand that fans want to be supportive of George. However, George's use of cannabis is clearly causing him problems – you'd have to be blind not to see that. Fans who think George's recent behaviour isn't a problem for George and, less importantly, for his music career don't know what they're talking about. It's a tragedy that George believes he needs to smoke cannabis to write and record great music; and it's a tragedy he can't see the harm cannabis is doing to him.

Only six weeks ago, he was found asleep at the wheel of his car. It's obvious what had happened. Anyone that didn't have a genuine problem would have learned their lesson after being caught on that occasion. Getting a police record for drug possession has almost certainly caused George problems in the US. It should have been a real wake-up call. The incident on Sunday strongly suggests that George has either simply carried on as though nothing had happened, or hasn't been strong enough to modify his behaviour.

It's tough to see this as anything but a worrying sign. The awful thing is, there's nothing anyone can do to make George see sense and firstly, admit – to himself- that he has a problem; and secondly, do something about it.


George is putting this behind him as soon as possible. Two plain clothes police officers arrived a Michael's three storey home at 3.15pm. One of the singer's representatives came out of the house and confirmed that the two men were police officers saying "Yes, they are." Earlier, George sent out tea and chocolate biscuits to waiting reporters and photographers.

4 thoughts on “George Admits Crashes, Waits Days To Give Statement

  1. Lol @ tea and biscuits!
    Does anyone know if the reporters were seen merry and maybe slumped at the wheels of their cars after enjoying George’s refreshments?

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