George In Another Driving Incident

From today's Mirror newspaper…

FAMILIES in a suburban street told last night how they watched in disbelief as George Michael allegedly pranged three parked cars – then drove away without telling their owners.

Witnesses who rushed from their houses yesterday morning after hearing a loud crash discovered the dishevelled ex-Wham singer sitting in his Range Rover staring at a dented grey Ford Fiesta.

He then started to drive away but hit the rear of a SECOND parked car, a white Peugeot 406. The impact sent the Peugeot shunting foward into the front of the THIRD stationary motor, a green Rover 218 that had been parked a few feet away.

The onlookers say they then saw 42- year-old George simply drive away without finding the cars' owners to exchange insurance details with them.

One witness to the bizarre 8am incident looked out of a window after hearing the first crash and saw a Range Rover disappearing down the street. Minutes later it returned, with George at the wheel.

The witness added: "The first thing I heard was a loud smash. I looked outside and saw a Range Rover driving off.

"When I went downstairs people were standing round in the street looking at a damaged car.

"That's when the Range Rover came back round and stopped.

"I spotted George Michael just sitting there, staring at us. He didn't look too good for that time on a Sunday morning.

"After a while he tried to move off but shunted into the back of a Peugeot.

"It scraped its wheels along the kerb and then smashed into the front of the green Rover. There was another almighty crash, then he just drove off again. It was really bizarre. No one could quite believe what they were seeing." A second witness had no doubt about the identity of the bearded figure behind the Range Rover's wheel

He said: "I instantly saw that it was George Michael. He just seemed to stare at some of the people standing there."

The incident took place at 8.10am on Easter Sunday morning in Hornsey Lane, North london. Looks like George hasn't sorted himself out yet, and hasn't learnt his lesson from the previous incident. Hope he's OK. There seems to be no doubt it was George. Last night George's blue Range Rover was parked outside his house – the front off-side lights were smashed and the bodywork was badly dented. Scrapings of white paint were visible on the car.


A blue Aston Martin DB7 has been seen parked next to George's blue Ranger Rover outside George's house today.  Sounds like Andy Stephens has popped over to Highgate for an Easter Monday visit.   I wonder if they're smoking spliffs?   And if they are, I wonder where Mr Stephens is blowing the smoke?

11 thoughts on “George In Another Driving Incident

  1. So what is the big deal? He bumped into a car,felt upset about what he did, drove back to look at the damages and obviously decided that it would be better to send someone else to offer to pay for the damages.. I mean i can imagine that it could be somewhat akward for George trying to apologise to the owners whilst they where standing there with their mouths open thinking “oh my god it´s George Michael”. you get the picture…

    xx Moonchild

  2. The “big deal” is that George was seemingly responsible for two separate “hit and run” incidents in the space of ten minutes on the morning of Easter Sunday. “Hit and run”s are criminal offences, and the manner in which these happened (taken together with multiple eye witness accounts) are strongly suggestive of George being under the influence of drugs while driving.

    There is unlikely to be any evidence that he was under the influence of drugs on Easter Sunday, just as there was no evidence when he was found slumped at the wheel of his car six weeks ago. Thus, the police will probably not prosecute him for being unfit to drive. But the truth is, it’s blindingly obvious what’s going on here. I think it’s a good idea for people to call George on this now, so that hopefully he can begin to see himself as others see him, before something really serious happens.

    George is a nice guy, and a sensitive guy. I tell you this: if he ends up killing or seriously injuring someone while driving under the influence of drugs, he will be *totally* devastated.

  3. “Hit and run”?!!!! And there I was thinking that hit and run usually involved killing someone and before this gets blown any more out of proportion George has already taken responsibility for what he has done and how do you know that he under influence of anything? Of course he COULD have been I mean I would HATE to think that it was a simple accident wouldn´t you?

  4. I know what hit and run means, what i meant was that usually when someone does a hit and run it´s far more serious than this.

    xx moonchild

  5. That’s right, Moonchild. ‘Hit and Run’ suggests that indeed, *something* is serious.
    The damages George did were not serious, so why run? And please don’t give me the good old ‘I can’t be bothered with getting out of the car and signing a few autographs’ excuse.
    He run for a much more serious reason than that, anyone with an once of sense of reality can see that, surely…

  6. Well i guess if he will loose his driver-license he will need then a chauffeur as Sting in “desert rose”…That would be cool…

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