Reasons For Going on Parkinson

So… why would George go on the Parkinson show? Here's a few reasons I can think of (in no particular order):

  • To talk some more about A Different Story – the DVD will be out at some point. Perhaps a bit early to talk about it much, if the DVD is out at Christmas.
  • His plans for whatever his next album release should have firmed up by now. Greatest Hits 2 plus a couple new song songs? Duets album? Greatest Hits 2 plus a whole bunch of new tracks? Greatest Hits 2 this year, brand new album in 2007 in the Greatest Hits 2 is well-received. Bit early to talk about that too.
  • A bit of a charm offensive about his drugs arrest/falling asleep at the wheel – needs to start the process of getting things back on track as far as his plans for the US are concerned (he's hired Michael Lippman, remember – that means he had plans for the US… before he got black mark on his record from the drug arrest). Going on Parkinson in the UK could be a first step. He needs to get on with this.
  • To talk about the UK shows he'll be doing – perhaps towards the end of this year, or sometime next year. It's the right time to talk about this.

Bottom line. George isn't just going on for a chat. He must have his reasons. I wonder if Parky will bring up the topic of balaclavas?

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