George Had Amyl Nitrate, Not GHB

So, it wasn't GHB George Michael had on his person when he slumped over his wheel from smoking too much weed.  It was  the "gay" drug, amyl nitrate.

What can we learn from this?  The main lesson is, if George evers says to you, "Here, smell this" to you, on NO account inhale.  Otherwise you might find yourself getting more than you'd bargained for.  Clearly, George is always ready to help people "relax" at a moment's notice…

3 thoughts on “George Had Amyl Nitrate, Not GHB

  1. Poppers (also known as amyl and butyl nitrites) were more ubiquitous on gay dance floors, bedrooms and back rooms in the late ’70s and early ’80s than they are today, but they still remain part of the gay subculture. Originally, poppers came in small, glass capsules encased in cotton wool that popped when crushed between your fingers — giving this drug its persistent street name.

    Amyl and Butyl nitrites were designed to treat angina (chest pain) and not (shock of shocks) to make your head spin. Poppers are mostly sold in sex shops and gay nightclubs, and are said to enhance your sexual arousal and prolong and intensify your orgasms.

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