New George Michael Single

Following on from the preview of George’s follow-up to John Lennon’s Imagine called, Imagine That; he’s followed up his song Patience with a track called No Patience.

The new song is all about how Pop Idol/American Idol/X-Factor have ruined music. Herewith, a sample of the lyrics, reproduced by kind permission.

No Patience – by George Michael

It's like a nightmare, where no-one stops to hear
Is it my imagination, or did God switch off his iPod?
Such blandness, and manufactured music in the air
No time for real emotion
With the SMS revenues to share

And the satellite says, "Vote for Shane or Journey South"
But the old man says,
"You want my happiness, for your promotion... I can't do that"


Don't you want it?

Can't you see the records we sell?

He keeps his music to himself, he turns his back.

The timing for this new single couldn’t be more perfect.  The duo Journey South, who came third in Simon Cowell’s X-Factor show in the UK this year have just released their first album: it’s going to be number one in the album charts this Sunday.  No offence to the guys, but it’s execrable…

17 thoughts on “New George Michael Single

  1. YES, YES, YES, YES!!!! They ARE number ONE! I would like to use this space to congratulate Andy and Carl on a spectaculat performance and a fabulous UK Number One Album! Well done you two, keep up the good work, you’re amazing!

  2. Everybody reads Remark how he/she wants. Only the Insiders know who who is…I vote for happiness.

  3. Erm… Remarkable: just out of interest, do you have any clever software that automatically distroys mentally insane posts?😉

  4. MissFreek, the only thing I can offer is something that causes mentally insane popstars that have been smoking too much weed to fall asleep at the wheels of their cars.

    I don’t want to let anyone have this yet, though, because of problems during testing. What we’ve found is that the slumping over the wheel works bit works great. However, afterwards, the testers have found themselves mysteriously claiming that they were perfectly fit to drive, denying they had been taking drugs.

    This isn’t the behaviour we were looking for.

    In the meantime, I suggest everyone votes for happiness.

  5. “Dont you want it?” – Yeah, i want it but a bit more and faster. Dont you have it?

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