GM Tour – Get Your Tickets Here – Charity Begins At Home

George Michael’s official web-site has warned fans not to purchase tickets for his forthcoming “tour” from disreputable outlets. Of course, no dates have been announced yet. It will be interesting to see how many dates George decides to do – it’s safe to say their will many fewer gigs than the number of his sexual partners though.

As George’s site notes, disreputable outlets can be spotted by requiring you to fork out up to $400 per ticket. It goes without saying that tickets for George’s shows will be much more expensive than this. So, to avoid disapointment, it’s probably best to reserve your tickets right here on Remarkable’s Buzzin’ Blog. We are taking advance orders for tickets, at a price of $1000 (USD) per ticket. To be fair to all George’s fans, I’m afraid there is a maximum order of ten tickets per person. No exceptions. Sorry. Also, to ensure that true fans get tickets (and not the touts), we are requiring a minimum order of five tickets – total price of $5000 (USD).

Now, it’s worth pointing out that no tickets are actually available yet. However, up to 85% of your $5000 will go to charity (subject to our expenses being covered first), so you won’t be wasting your money. Remarkable’s Buzzin’ Blog will do everything it can to ensure you receive your George Michael concert tickets, but we can make no guarantees. So, as well as sending in your $5000, please keep an eye on the official web-site, so that you can apply for tickets at other places too.

Getting tickets for this tour won’t be easy. You need to make sure all your bases are covered. While $5000 may seem like a lot of money, you can’t put a price on peace of mind, and happiness. Click here to reserve your tickets. Do it now – they will be given out on a strictly first come, first served basis! Good luck! If you order today, you will be entered into our prize draw to get a refund in the event we cannot supply your tickets.

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