The One Thing That Concerns Me About All This…

There’s one question that simply hasn’t been properly answered in all the news coverage of George’s arrest.  And that is – what car was he driving?  Some reports have said the car was a Mercedes; and others that is was a Range Rover.

George’s press statement from a couple of days ago shed no light on the matter.   I really think we have a right to know.

3 thoughts on “The One Thing That Concerns Me About All This…

  1. What is a boot? Is that the trunk? If so,does that Range Rover have a trunk or a boot?

  2. They’re the same thing – word “boot” is what we call the “trunk” in the UK. A Range Rover kinda has a trunk. That is, it has an enclosed space behind the rear seats, accessed from the tail-gate, and in which there is plenty of room to keep sex-toys, porn mags, and a mask…

  3. I have a theory on this (well spotted – Remarkable):
    we all find it so easy to believe that George would carry sex toys and drugs in his boot – has anyone thought that perhaps that’s what George *wants* us to think? We know how much George values friendship… it was actually Andy Stephens’ car…

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