On The Menu Today

Most of the papers appear to be going (at least with their first editions) with the statement George issued yesterday. The Mirror front page has – I’M A DOPE as the headline; The Sun has – It was my own stupid fault as usual.

However, the front page of the Daily Star (still only 30p) has – DOPE GEORGE The masked hotel sex prowler

Errrrr… Woo – Woo! Da da da da da da da daaa da, da da daaa, da da daaa…

Is George being a Bad Boy or wot?!!

UPDATE with story from The Sun

The Sun has a piece where they “talk” to George Michael fan, Natalie Griffith, who says that she found George in a similar unconscious state in Primrose Hill last October. Apparently, George had just been visiting actor, Jude Bore… errr… I mean Law, and was so bored by the experience that he fell asleep as soon as he got back in his car.

Interestingly, I can now exclusively reveal that I had a similar experience in June last year four months BEFORE Natalie had her experience. At the time, I didn’t go to the media, because I didn’t think they’d give me any money for my fictional story; but now, I think I could earn a few quid by telling what “happened”, so it’s probably worth it.

2 thoughts on “On The Menu Today

  1. This is just abou the funniest thing I have read i ages- seriuosly, I don’t know why he even bothers to wear that thning it is not we don’t know who it is anyway… and besides who i their right mind would shag anyone wearing a gimp mask???

    xxx moonchild

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