Gimp Mask? I Thought It Was A Balaclava

Interestingly, there are reports in the papers today that George Michael carries a gimp mask (see pic below) with him in his car. I always thought George’s preferred face covering was a balaclava. You live and learn, eh? Perhaps Kenny finds it handy to have a zipper on the mouth section of the mask, in case George starts yabbering too much, so he made George switch away from the balaclava… or something?  Also, I’d imagine the eye-hole zippers come in handy if you feel like slumping over your steering wheel during the day-time.  It’s not nice to slump with the sun shining in your eyes.  Just zip up the eye holes, and get a few minutes rest in the darkness.

gimp mask

The Daily Star story (telling the story of how George trawls hotel corridors for sex, wearing a balaclava on his head), on the other hand says George wears a plain, vanilla balaclava. Actually, the story in the Daily Star is the funniest one so far – you can’t help but laugh at that one; and I believe it too!

Expect more mask stories in the coming days. The ladies and gentlemen of the press have been waiting for years to run the story of George’s kink for wearing masks during casual sex – George is so into this, he even chose his on-line name as “The Masked Shagger” for quite a while… until everyone found out that particular super-hero’s secret identity.

4 thoughts on “Gimp Mask? I Thought It Was A Balaclava

  1. Now, this changes *everything*.
    I wish they had said straight away that it was – in fact – a gimp mask and NOT a balaclava! Trust the reporters to recognize sex-toys *rolleyes*

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