The Arrest – Lazy Journalism Exposed

So, reading through the various reports of George’s arrest, some of the journalism looks rather lazy (no surprise there, eh?!). I thought I’d name and shame some of the culprits here.

And… the first one up is….

Ben Taylor of the Daily Mail. In his attempt to make this story bigger than it is, he decided to write the following little piece of fiction:

“When he does venture out from his home, rarely in daylight hours, he is usually unshaven and wears loose casual clothing over his increasinglyrotund frame.”

Now, I was nice to him about this – I submitted a pleasant comment about this on the Daily Mail web-site, suggesting that he admit he just made that bit up. He must have done, given that it’s bollocks. But, he chose not to publish my comment. This man has zero credibility – he doesn’t even put his hands up and admit when he’s made a mistake. I won’t be reading anything else he writes, if I can help it. I urge you to do the same.
Next up is:

Mike Sullivan “Crime Editor” of The Sun

And I quote:

“The star’s car was found parked at a crazy angle”

Oh do come on. Is that the best you can do? That is weak, Mike. And you know it. What were you trying to imply? That George Michael was unfit to drive? Funny that the police and police medical people don’t agree with you, eh? Mike updated his masterpiece this afternoon, to say:

“In a statement today, the 42-year-old appeared to refer to a previous brush with the law when he pledged not to make a record of this one “even though it is tempting”

Wow! Did you see the way that Mike managed to pick up a clue in George’s press statement? Is this man some sort of genius? Notice the way he didn’t feel confident enough to say, “the 42-year-old referred to”, but decided to hedge his bets with “appeared to refer to”. Totally understandable. A man with Mike’s talents wouldn’t want to get labelled as someone that writes shit, would he? He’s a serious journalist, with a deep knowledge of crime, after all. It’s great to see that he is fulfulling his ambition of reporting on serious crimes, such as parking cars at crazy angles. Your writing is pitiful, Mike. You had a great story there, and you blew it. Give up now, please. The public should be spared reading any more of your drivel in what, aside from your contributions, is a truly great newspaper (memo to Editor of The Sun – please send Mike on a training course to learn how to make the most of a good story).

OK – I can’t be arsed to name and shame any more of these jokers right now.  Let’s see what the coming week brings from the  press…

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