Hopefully He’s OK

There are some things about the reports concerning George that don’t make sense. The possibilities for his being found slumped over the wheel of his car are:

a) He had over-done the drugs, and wasn’t lucid. However, he was examined by a doctor who said that he had been fit to drive at the time he was found.

b) He was suffering some form of mental breakdown. However, he was examined by a doctor who assessed that he was OK, and didn’t need to go to hospital.

c) He was just pretending to be in a distressed state. But that’s a lot of trouble to go for, for a front page headline. Even Geri wouldn’t do that.

This whole thing doesn’t make sense to me… unless… there’s been some inaccurate reporting going on….

12 thoughts on “Hopefully He’s OK

  1. I just don’t see that he would do that. The most obvious explanation is that he had overdone the drugs. But, unless the police and doctor were totally incompetent (which of course, they could have been), it appears this wasn’t the case.

  2. So do you think it’s possible that they didn’t arrest him for driving under the influence because he wasn’t actually driving?

  3. Let’s face it. He is a grown man. If he has not yet figured out that driving under the influence is just about one of the most stupidest and dangerous things one could do-then I really doubt he can figure out how to resurrect his flagging career! Every good, charitable deed he has done in the past is erased by this bonehead move! Both in a PR sense as well as in being a productive member of society!

  4. Whatever caused his unconsciousness, I think it’s certainly my biggest concern in this very colourful story…

  5. another theory….

    he could just be taking a snooze as julie said and with that… proving how crazy the world would be around him…

    which is not a healthy idea if this is the case, becuase causing worry and all sorts of trouble is never a good thing to do IMHO

  6. and another one….

    he was driving, he felt sick/sleepy and parked off to recover…. and thats what happened

    he may have had the drugs with him and whatever too… so what for then??? well, then he would have to explain that… and why that should or shouldn’t be important….

    though the whole tone of things from long time does not make me think that he is ok… but he could be better though.

  7. and a third most stupid one

    does he have internet in the car or PDA? READING overtime in the night produces sleepness and that causes that sort of problems.

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