George’s Car Boot – Cannabis, GHB, Porn, Sex Toys & Mask

Seems that George was slumped at the wheel of his car near Knightsbridge (apparently, he had just been visiting Coldplay singer, Chris Martin, and had been so completely bored by the experience that he fell asleep as soon as he got back in his car). When police were called, by a man wearing funny clothes and lots of make-up, they had a rummage through the car, and errr… surprisingly found some cannabis and GHB (liquid ectsasy). As a result, George was arrested.

Rumours that Mr Michael used what has come to be known as the “Boy George defence” of “I don’t know how that got there – lots of people drive my car, and ride in my car” are as yet unconfirmed. Also, unconfirmed are reports that George will shortly be releasing a double-A side new single, with two songs poking fun at the British police, entitled, “Let’s Go Driving”, and “Another Moment With You.”

At least he didn’t show his cock to the nice policemen this time😉 That’s progress!!

From Reuters: “George’s manager, Andy Stephens, and publicist, Connie Filipello could not be reached for comment – the lazy, clock-watching, 9-5ing fuckers.”

UPDATE: The Masked Shagger Is Still Active

A porn stash, sex toys… and a MASK, were found in the boot of the car. He was reportedly carrying this stuff to use at his interview for becoming a Liberal Democrat parliamentry candidate.

UPDATE: The Sun article is here – doesn’t make nice reading. Let’s hope he’s OK.

UPDATE: Watch a video about the arrest.

UPDATE: The news of the arrest just happens to co-incide with the announcement that George’s movie – “A Different Story” has just been given a UK-wide cinema release (see George’s official web-site for the news). Hmmmmmmmm…

8 thoughts on “George’s Car Boot – Cannabis, GHB, Porn, Sex Toys & Mask

  1. No, not funny at all. It’s a shame that this had to happen, really. This isn’t going to do George’s rep much good, especially in the US.

  2. Looks like he’ll have to go back on Oprah again. Btw, don’t blame this all on Chris Martin. He’s in the US at the moment!

  3. This is terrible news(: breaks my heart I really really hope he is ok

    big hug george if you reading this which you prob aren’t ]

    xxx moonchild

  4. I find it hard to believe that it’s just a publicity stunt. But the whole thing doesn’t make sense – we’re clearly not being told the whole story.

  5. I can see a publicity stunt by him not in the way of selling more of anything maybe…. but more in personal ways of “do you see all this shit with me clearly now?”

    and I think that yes we see all the shit very clearly *sigh*

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