Something Borrowed… And Something Bloo (Bloo)

A couple more clips for your viewing pleasure.

So… first up something borrowed from the rehearsal rooms for the Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert, at which George Michael performed. Here we see George, Lisa Stansfield and Queen.

Next up, something “Bloo Bloo”… errr I mean “Woo Woo” – A video banished from George’s hits collections, ‘cos he wasn’t keen on the song at the time (it was written to formula, as opposed to being conceived as a great work of art). Still, the video is amusing…

5 thoughts on “Something Borrowed… And Something Bloo (Bloo)

  1. Awwww… you *are* keen! Let’s see if George accepts now… Keep us posted on this matter, would ya?😉

  2. Hm, i always believed that the reason why George never liked the song nor the the video was becuase it gave a false image of his relationship with his parents. Becuase in real life George was good boy you know🙂

    xx moonchild

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