This Explains A Lot

Over on Knobby’s blog, you will find a fantastic insight into the world of George Michael and Elton John. If you were wondering why there might have been tension between them, this might tell you a few things…

For convenience, I have reproduced the story, about George, Elton’s manager, and their “friend” Chris Hope, posted by someone called David Au Irish Insider on 30 December 2005:

By the way guys Chris is not a porn star, he’s a smart guy with a professional career. But I understand he was approached by Colt to do a few hairy chested men calendars etc in the US. By the way the stories that appeared in the press last year claiming Chris AKA Colt’s Erik had done over sex 300 videos was a complete lie. Slanderous ads arranged by Elton’s Manager Bob Halley, the biggest gossip mongers in town. George was warned of Halley’s nasty antics by Gary Farrow former Sony UK Boss in July last year

I here Georges mate Chris in recovery for PTSD is considering bringing a huge law suite against Bob Halley who was also a friend of Chris’s. Halley had a crazy infatuation for him, but went crazy when he found out about Chris & George’s friendship. Overwhelmed with jealousy he interfered in Chris’s life, ropped in Chris ex partner and plotted to ruin Chris. Even persuded him to steel Chris laptop so he could check out Chris and George emails. Halley threatened to kill Chris, he arranged for him to be assaulted, had him stalked, got into his email account, arranged for 3rd parties to continuously threaten Chris to end his friendship with George, Eventually Chris was shot, “Last Christmas” he’s ok but suffering from serious PTSD… doesn’t take a brain surgeon to guess who’s was behind it

Chris’s ex, with Halley’s support even made up some story and tried to frame Chris with the police for stalking him when it was really Chris that was being stalked. Will they ever leave them alone?

sounds crazy but it’s true allegedly

11 thoughts on “This Explains A Lot

  1. Is this a porn video or not?😉
    Open House
    Description: This has got to be the wildest real estate deal ever recorded! Tom Chase is a successful agent in Palm Springs who has come to expect surprises from his clients. He’s put to the ultimate test when he meets his newest client, the massive Eric Korngold.

  2. “The air is charged with masculine electricity as these two studs start peeling off their clothes. And then the pool man arrives. . . ”

    This is more than a calendar but Chris is certainly a “professional”.

  3. NN,

    Which parts of the story are rubbish? Is Chris really a porn star, after all? Or is he actually a smart professional guy with few contacts with the sex industry? Was Elton’s manager jealous of Chris’s relationship with George, or not? What happened to George’s friendship with Chris – are they in fact still friends, or do they now have little contact?

  4. I have often wondered what happened to George and Chris ‘relationship’… If this is all true, I find it very sad that they were forced to end it this way. I can only hope that they now make a good use of their webcams!

  5. all of it. I mean seriously, reading it is like reading one of those magazines where people get abducted and have weird surgery doen to them by aliens. Chis was some porn star who shagged GM for a while.

  6. NN,
    LOL!!! Unfortunately true or maybe George shagged Chris. Or Chris made a blowjob…and got well paid.

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